Who cares about our food debate took place at the Bolton Market and was attended by the general public and a selection of local community organisations including –

  • Get growing Breightmet
  • Bolton urban outreach
  • Bolton urban growers
  • The real junk food project
  • Johnson Fold residents association
  • Bolton at Home
  • Bolton FM
  • Johnson Fold Media

Over the course of the event various subjects were covered including, Food poverty , Diet related illnesses and also building skills through learning about growing projects in the community

It made this community blogger think a lot more about the food I eat and also made me more aware of a lot of other issues concerning the topics that were covered .
I have also decided to start growing my own vegetables something I wouldn’t have thought about doing before because I don’t have a garden but now know that you can grow them in pots etc
Hopefully there will be a lot more Who Cares… debates in the future

Blog Author – Wendy Shepherd

Video Courtesy of Bolton at Home and Bolton Fm

For more information on #WhoCares visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/whocaresnetwork