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The sound of blood curdling screams will be echoing throughout the North West this Saturday as Manchester’s Number 1 scare attraction opens its deathly doors…

 The scene of your very worst nightmares, the House of the Dead at the Great Northern Warehouse invites only the bravest to enter. And as Halloween approaches, the House’s ghastly residents are getting restless.

 Winding your way through the warehouse’s twisting corridors you will encounter creatures that have never before seen the light of day, you will walk routes of nightmares too dark to be dreamed and face the most horrific sights ever to be unleashed on the unsuspecting city of Manchester.

Dare you enter the most immersive, terrifying and utterly unique horror experience the UK has to offer? Do you have what it takes to survive the House of the Dead with your sanity intact?

House of the Dead has been cooked up by the evil minds involved in some of the UK’s most successful horror attractions.

The horror themed company, House of the Dead Ltd led by Richard Cottier, Sally Duguid and Paul Jamieson, can’t wait to welcome their ‘victims’’ and will take them on a harrowing walk-through journey through an unreal world made up of phenomenal, ‘horror movie quality’ sets and 30 actors.

With an evil chuckle, Director of Evil at House of the Dead Ltd Richard Cottier, said: We are really excited for opening weekend and the chance to inflict all manner of creatures, ghouls and zombies on Manchester.

 “The sets look fantastic and we can promise a truly immersive horror experience. With a cast of 30 we are confident we can make all your nightmares come true. We are very excited to hear just how loud we can make our guests scream, cry and shout for their Mum!”

Scare attractions are the UK’s fastest growing entertainment sector and have seen major innovations in the industry over the past 10 years. House of the Dead Ltd is bringing the very best in interactive horror experiences to Manchester.

House of the Dead measures 6,200sq feet and stretches over two floors.  It will take 40 minutes to walk through – if the willing ‘victims’ make it that far.

Paul Jamieson, Architect of Mayhem and Chief Artistic Designer at House of the Dead Ltd, has been designing this event in meticulous detail for the past six months. House of the Dead has taken an army of craftsmen two months to build ahead of opening its doors on Saturday, 3rd October.

The House of the Dead will be open for the rest of October and the Halloween season but horror hunters are urged to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

 Are you scared yet? Do you think that you’re ready to enter the House?

WARNING! If you are of a weak or nervous disposition you are advised to STAY AWAY!



Location: The Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EN

Dates and Opening Times: 

3 – 4 October (Previews)

9 – 10 October

15 – 18 October

21 – 25 October

28 October – 1 November

Times: 7pm and then every 15 mins until 10.30pm

(Duration: Approx 40 mins)

Ticket Prices:

3 – 4 October – £13 (Previews)

9 – 22 October: £18

23 October – 1 November: £20


To book tickets call Quay Tickets on 0843 208 0500 or visit Price includes booking fee. Transaction fee of 0.75p applies per booking.

Age: Over 12 and accompanied by a consented adult

For further information visit or follow on Facebook: /Houseofthedeadltd or Twitter: @HOTDltd