Sajjad Karim MEP

Sajjad Karim MEP joined respected business leaders, cross political party politicians at the launch of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign #StayIn,  which marks the first step in a conversation with the British electorate working to secure our country’s future.

Saj was first elected to the European Parliament in 2004 aged just 33 and recalls:

“As a 19 year old I watched people tearing the Berlin Wall down with their bare hands. Reunification of East and West Europe within the EU is what took me to the European Parliament. Britain’s future lies in leadership in Europe and holding our place on the world stage. Coming out of the EU confines our future generations to the past, to times gone by.

Sajjad was delighted to be asked to be a “champion” for UK in the EU, alongside many of our countries business leaders and entrepreneurs. He is actively supporting Prime Minister David Cameron’s negotiations to deliver the sort of reforms that are necessary and required.

Saj believes that reform is achievable and that now is a time to be ambitious saying:

“It is time to show the British people a vision of what true leadership can bring and demonstrate the benefits of European unity. But we also need to reform the way in which we engage with Europe because at this moment we are failing to make the most of our current relationship. Let’s not be defeatist about this, it’s not in our nature, let’s work with our partners to deliver something that is beneficial for all our citizens”.

In the run up to polling day Sajjad will be talking to voters across the North West about the benefits of Britain being a strong voice, leading in the EU, rather than being on the outside having our day to day lives affected by decisions we have not had any influence in.

“I’m a Member of the European Parliament and a citizen of the United Kingdom and I see in clear terms the choice is either we maintain our seat at the table and have influence on decision making, or we give all that up, allow others to make the decisions for us in our absence and then simply have to implement them” commented Sajjad.

“Being in the EU we have access to the largest trading block in the world. If we are not in the European Union then we have to renegotiate access to those markets, a process that as my experience of negotiating the EU/India Free Trade Agreement has proved can take many years.  Why would we want to walk away from something we already have just to restart negotiations to try to get it back?

“No partnership is absolutely perfect, but in a partnership you have the ability to put forward your argument, negotiate to build alliances. Britain is at its best when it’s forging those links and winning arguments within our European family to the maximum benefit for our country and our citizens.

“It is vital that when electors vote in the Referendum, they clearly understand what they are voting for and how the outcome will affect the future for their children and future generations.”

Source-  Sajjad Karim MEP`s Press Office

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