Bolton family fundraising for Bolton`s destitute animal shelter



A young Bolton family are fundraising for Bolton`s destitute animal shelter after losing their German Shepherd dog after a decade

One of the groups creators Stacey Figgins said in a heartfelt social media post in the group they have created-

“On the afternoon of the 18/11/2015 we said a heartbreaking goodbye to our German shepherd dog, Sabre after nearly a decade of being a part of our lives. He was family. We want him to be remembered by all and in his memory we are asking for your help. We sadly won’t have our baby this Christmas so we want to raise some funds and donations as little or big as possible to help homeless dogs in the animal shelter at the busiest time of the year in the animal world. “


“We will collect and we promise to keep everyone updated so you won’t be left in the dark wondering what happened to those donations. Let’s pull together Bolton. As a nation of dog lovers and to remember my best friend Sabre. The most selfless creature on earth. Must love dogs.”

Stacey`s Husband and the groups co-creator said to us-

“We wanted to make a positive out of a negative situation. He’s been our best friend for nearly a decade and we wanted to honour him by helping dogs in need. It’s a fitting tribute.

The appeal is especially timely as the Charities shop on Chorley old road was ransacked recently and they need even more help

Some money will be  to sponsor a kennel and the rest will go to food and bedding.”


To donate items or Money visit the group on Facebook here

There is also a Facebook event here

You can also donate using the paypal link here

For more details on Bolton destitute animal shelter visit here

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