have teamed up with Bolton at Home to present a season of film screenings called The Time is Now, which encompasses women’s rights and fights in film, it explores and celebrates the role women play in affecting change, the films are screened in venues around the country from October 2015 with the launch of the Suffragette movie through to January 2016. This season is also coinciding with The 16 Days of Activism.

They are screening a total of three films in venues across Bolton.

Made in Dagenham at New Bury Community Centre-12.30pm on Thursday 26th November

“An inspirational, feel-good film about the fight for equal pay – Made in Dagenham is set during the successful strike by 187 women car workers in the Ford Dagenham factory in 1968. Working in extremely impoverished conditions and for long arduous hours, the women finally lay down their tools when they are reclassified as “unskilled”. In a protest that eventually leads to the Equal Pay Act; they take on their corporate paymasters, an increasingly belligerent local community, and finally the male-dominated House of Commons itself.”

Dreamcatcher at The Elderdale Centre-1.30pm on Tuesday 2nd December.

Through the remarkable story of Brenda from Chicago, Longinotto’s electrifying and deeply moving documentary ‘Dreamcatcher’ explores the cycle of neglect, violence and exploitation which each year leaves thousands upon thousands of girls and women feeling that prostitution is their only option to survive.

Carry Greenham Home at Commerce House-7.30pm Friday 4th December

“Hand in hand, the line extends all around the nine-mile fence. Thirty-thousand women chant – bring the message home. Velvet fist in iron glove – Carry Greenham home. Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp formed in 1981 to protest the Government’s decision to allow cruise missiles to be based in Berkshire. In April 1983, tens of thousands of women came together to form a 14-mile human chain from Greenham to Aldermaston nuclear power station and the ordnance (munitions) factory at Burghfield.”

All screenings are free to participating groups if any local group would like to attend any one the screenings contact Tracy on 07766798070 or email