David Crausby MP has co-sponsored a motion in Parliament calling on the Government to put more investment into energy efficient homes to help tackle a number of problems facing the country.


 Mr Crausby, who represents Bolton North East, is calling for an expansion of schemes to improve energy efficiency in older homes and in low income areas to help reduce fuel poverty, tackle climate change and improve economic growth through the development of more skilled employment to opportunities.

 Mr Crausby said: “Low income families often find themselves in the least energy efficient homes, driving up bills for those who can least afford it. Investing in energy efficiency is the best way to keep bills down and to lift people out of fuel poverty.

 “In the long term this investment could be very beneficial, helping to address climate change and secure our energy security by reducing waste as well as creating much needed jobs.”

 Mr Crausby is one of the sponsors of Early Day Motion 761, which is now available for all MPs to sign and to raise the issue with the Government.

Source- David Crausby MP