Bolton Council has won a prestigious award in a flagship lighting industry competition.

It won the ‘Recycling Award’ category at the national Lux Awards 2015 in recognition of the recycling programme it has put in place for switching over 26,000 street lights to lower carbon LED bulbs.

The council was praised for the work it is doing with Lumicom, a not-for-profit recycling company, to recycle the existing old style sodium street lanterns. In total, around three quarters of these lanterns will be recycled back into the environment.

Work started in April to switch over street lights with the programme expected to finish in 2018.

The LED initiative should also save the council £14m over 20 years, and reduce energy use by around 50 per cent.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, cllr Nick peel said: “This is fantastic recognition and I’m really pleased for the street lighting team.

“We are always aiming to be at the forefront of recycling initiatives so we’re really pleased that our hard work has been recognised.

“We were up against some strong candidates, so this is a real achievement.”

Lux publisher, Ray Molony, added: “What makes our awards unique is that we personally test every product on each shortlist and visit all the schemes assessed as possible winners.

“It means these awards have rapidly become the must-have trophies of the lighting industry and this year’s candidates were stronger than ever.”

The ceremony honours not just the people in the industry, but businesses who are doing great things with low-energy lighting.

Other organisations shortlisted in the recycling category were: Balcan Engineering; Dexreco; Sainsbury’s and GE, and We2 recycling service from City and West.