David Crausby MP has co-sponsored a motion in Parliament in support of soldiers affected by mesothelioma.

 Mesothelioma is a particularly aggressive form of terminal cancer caused by exposure to asbestos and the Bolton North East MP has campaigned for many years to improve the support available to those effected by this disease.

 Last year the Government established a compensation scheme to pay lump sum payments to civilians who had contracted the illness but were unable to trace a liable employer or insurance provider. The scheme should provide significant compensation payments to this group.

 Members of the armed forces are ineligible for this scheme because they know who their employer was, but due to the nature of their employment they can neither sue their employer nor get redress for any illness sustained before 1987, so they often receive substantially less.

 Mr Crausby, who represents Bolton North East, is calling for the Government to address the unfair disadvantage faced by members of the armed forces.

 David Crausby said: “Last year was a major step forward for victims of exposure to asbestos, but it is completely unfair that members of our armed forces still are not able to access the compensation that they deserve. This goes against the Armed Forces covenant and should be corrected. I hope that other MPs will join me in supporting this motion.”

 Mr Crausby is one of the sponsors of Early Day Motion 762, which is now available for all MPs to sign and to raise the issue with the Government.