It’s that wonderful time of the year again.

Set in the huge Event City in Trafford, Winter Wonderland crams in the delight of the fairground, with the wonder of Christmas markets.

12380610_10208461760410383_618122643_nBefore the event even started we were greeted by a group of Christmas elves and a man on stilts, whilst carollers serenaded the huge masses waiting to go in. We were then warmed up by ‘Pete’ the Elf, who kept us entertained and told us a little bit about what was going on inside. 3… 2… 1… We were off! And we were showered with snow (white foam) as we crossed the precipice into the magical place that is Winter Wonderland.

12387855_10208461760730391_915216347_nThe kids (Matthew, 5 and Bethany, 3) rushed off to the first thing they saw, a little fairground train. That was followed by a succession of multiple bouncy castles; all unique in their style and purpose. We spent the next three hours sampling rides from little merry-go-rounds to flying elephants to the house of windows to a jerking bull ride (which I was thrown off – damn me and my pride!). Considering we’d only planned to stay for two hours as it was a little late, it showed how enthusiastic the children (and us parents too) were.

12380030_10208461762010423_1063870862_nWe watched the Sooty show, which got both Matthew and Bethany up and dancing throughout. Custard pies, water guns and prizes made it an enjoyable experience, even for me. We had a go on the horse racing (where you throw little balls into coloured holes to move your horse along) and won a prize each for the children, then finished the evening on a huge bouncy castle/slide that I personally wished I could have had a go on. I wished the kids would have watched the shows on the main stage during the night, but with so much going on, it was too difficult to keep them in one spot for too long! The only drawback would be that not everything was included in the ticket itself, but other than that, the whole family had a magical evening that we’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

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Winter Wonderland Manchester is on a session basis and run at Event City until January 3rd 2016

For more details visit www.winterwonderlandmanchester.com