SPC Zaheer KhonatIt was a ‘special’ day for Dr Zaheer Khonat on Thursday (18 February) when he joined Greater Manchester Police.

The junior doctor who works at the Royal Bolton Hospital became a Special Constable for the Force at a ceremony with Chief Constable Ian Hopkins. He was one of 51 people who joined GMP as special constables bringing the number to more than 800.

Zaheer said: “I thrive off new challenges and joining the Special Constabulary will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging but fulfilling roles I will undertake.

“I work full time in an already busy job, however I am a great believer in making time for things that I enjoy. Alongside weekends I used most of my annual leave entitlement to undertake training as a student Special Constable. My family have been particularly supportive in what they initially thought was an eccentric endeavour!

“I am looking forward to many years of enjoyable service as a Special Constable.”

Zaheer, 25, from Bolton qualified from the University of Liverpool in the summer of 2015 and applied to become a Special Constable as he was graduating. For the past six months he has been working in Bolton and is currently working in the Ear, Nose and Throat department.

He wants to become a GP and hopes to be able to bring his policing and medical experience together in the future.

Among the other people joining as Special Constables are two Volunteer Police Cadets and five members of GMP police staff.

Anyone interested in becoming a Special Constable should check out the information on the GMP website www.gmp.police.uk .