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Fed up residents in Astley Bridge have contacted local Lib Dem campaigner Warren Fox over rush hour traffic on Blackburn Rd.

Close to breaking point one resident said many friends and family were contemplating moving out of the area because of traffic and parking issues. Over the next week Warren will deliver 6,000 petition slips to residents in Astley Bridge calling on the council to address residents’ concerns.

Approx. 9.1 million vehicles use Blackburn Rd per year. At peak times, residents have reported rush hour traffic can cause in excess of 30-40 minutes queuing from St Peters Way to the junction of Crompton Way/Moss Bank Way, a journey that should take only a few minutes.

Warren Fox who raised residents’ concerns with the council said, “”All this talk of budgets and what Labour are doing to improve Bolton yet they can’t get the basics right like sorting out traffic and congestion in the area. Yet they’ll waste £3 million replacing perfectly good footpaths and shopfronts on Newport St.”

The £3 million council redevelopment scheme for Newport Street warren fox has mentioned means that Up to £2 million will be spent on renovating shop fronts and £1 million on improving the street with new street lights, paving, seating, and trees.

Warren also told us

“They’re hiking up Council Tax by 3.5% – Will they use this money to address many of the town’s problems? No. They have no plans to deal with the endless queues of traffic on Blackburn Rd, Halliwell Rd and all other major routes in Bolton. Its adding hours to the daily commute and is costing our local economy thousands of £’s. I’d urge all residents in Bolton to support and sign the petition.”

The council stated, Transport for Greater Manchester monitors the usage on Blackburn Rd, and reported congestion issues are ‘sporadic’ in the morning with road users most likely experiencing issues in the evening between4pm to 6pm, however they have no current plans to address the traffic concerns.
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*Bolton labour have been approached for comment