After The region saw Snow last night which has settled across the Borough Bolton Council have issued a statement regarding gritting and the issues with the website.

The statement reads-

“Our gritting teams have been working since 10.30pm on Thursday, March 3 to deal with the snow and ice and keep the main roads clear.

Trucks completed two full route grits overnight spreading hundreds of tonnes of grit.

Each full route grit covers 317 miles of Bolton — just over half of the total road network — meaning gritters have travelled more than 634 miles on the two route grits. A full route grit covers all the main roads and bus routes.

These two full gritting rounds were done to lay salt down on the roads before rush hour as the gritting vehicles would be unable to get around in standing traffic.

Two gritter drivers are out currently targeting the high roads and we will continue to monitor the weather conditions and grit as needed throughout today.

Grit also needs vehicles driving over it for to be effective and grit in itself does not prevent snow from settling. Also when there is heavy snowfall, as we have experienced this morning in some parts of the borough, it is difficult for any amount of grit to work properly.

We understand that some drivers may have had difficulty and we appreciate our residents’ patience but we are trying our best to keep traffic moving in difficult circumstances.

The main roads should be passable to traffic but local roads, which are not on gritting routes, should be used with extreme care. Unfortunately we just do not have the resources to grit all the side roads.

We would ask motorists to be prepared and to check their vehicle to make sure it is ready and safe for winter driving.

Bin wagons are also out collecting today but if bins are missed residents are advised to email with their address.

To keep town centres as clear of snow and ice as possible, we have gritted footpaths in Bolton town centre and our outer town centres.

Due to a power cut, we are having problems with our website and services at the One Stop Shop are limited. For the latest gritting updates please follow our twitter feed (@boltoncouncil) and Facebook page.”