p7499_column_grid_12Quirky website Firebox has launched a chocolate teapot which can actually  hold hot liquid which melt the insides so you chocoholics can enjoy a dreamy hot chocolate before bed.

Because the quirky contraption now exists the old saying of “you are as useless as a chocolate teapot”  can now be shrugged off a lot easier!

The description on the Firebox website says

“Hahahahahah, as much use as a Chocolate Teapot. Hahahhaahah. Great gag.

Well get ready to have your tiny little mind blown as we’ve turned the world on it’s head and made the useless – useful!

And tasty.

Handmade in Britain, from quality dark chocolate (58% cocoa solids) this 600g teapot turns old wisdom on it’s stupid old head.

Simply fill the Chocolate Teapot with hot water, stir in cocoa powder and you’ve got a lovely hot chocolate drink to pour.

Add more water to create a retro chocolate fondue inside. Dip any of your favourite grub; banana, strawberries, sausages or marshmallows etc into the creamy chocolate fondue and enjoy the chocolate covered scrumptiousness.

When finished, simply break up the teapot and eat it. Who’s useless now eh?!”

The chocolate teapot is £24.99 and is available from here