The life of a fundraiser #5 by Tracey Wilkinson

83221a9a-d02a-4eae-9498-66127cdf2a46The life of a fundraiser #5 by Tracey Wilkinson

Week commencing 14th March 2016

The purpose of this blog is to give you a small insight into my life as a fundraiser and volunteer within my community. Everything you see within this blog is in addition to my full-time employment and working around my family life. Volunteering is so rewarding and I encourage everyone reading my blog to consider volunteering within your community. Please read and share blog #5.

Monday 14th March 2016

Well, it is only two weeks until the big Easter Family Fun Day which I have been planning and organising over the last three months  in aid of Lagan’s Foundation. This next two weeks is committed to making sure everything is in place for Easter Monday. All those jobs I’ve been putting off thinking I would do it closer to the time are now fast approaching. Today’s task was to email each individual vendor involved in the event with finer details of the event along with the floor plan of where they will be located.

Most of the donations for the three tombola stalls have been received but I’m still a little short on bottles so I went to the local shops to purchase more bottles. I filled a basket full and realised it was too heavy so left it in an aisle whilst I went and got a trolley. Then I put the basket in the trolley but got it stuck. Whoops! The shop assistant in that aisle kept looking over at me shaking her head. Then the lady at the till thought I was having a party but I explained they were for a tombola stall and gave her a flyer. Always taking the opportunity to promote an event.

Tuesday 15th March 2016

This morning I spent labelling up all the bottles I purchased yesterday for the bottle tombola and packing them up ready to be taken to the cricket club on the day of the event. This used up most of my morning before going off to work. After work I popped by a couple of people’s homes to pick up some more donations and more gift bags for the ladies luxury lotto.

Wednesday 16th March 2016

For those of you who have read my previous blogs on Bolton Live you will know that Wednesday evening I am usually presenting on Bolton FM’s #CommunityCorner with David & Tony. However with the fun day fast approaching I need to find time from somewhere to get everything finished. Today I finished off laminating all the signs for the fun day and complied sheets for games such as guess the weight of the cake, guess  the name of the panda, guess how many balloons in the mini.

I Calculated how many tables and gazebo’s I needed and much much more. I even got to listen to some of the show, thanks for the plug guys.

Thursday 17th March 2016

I had a couple of stall holders drop out today but managed to re-fill them with my reserve list so we should still have 35 stalls within the market place area. I finished sorting out a box of toys that I was given a few weeks back and boxing items up for the bric a brac stall ready for transporting. Spent an hour tweeting and managed to get a case of bottles donated by Black Edge Brewery  for the bottle tombola and a bouquet of flowers to present to the Mayor donated by Lesley Thomas Florist.

I briefly mentioned in my last blog about the ETHOS leadership course which I attended on Sunday evening. As well as attending monthly sessions I have to read a specified book and write an assignment in relation to the challenges the book gave me. This evening was spent knuckling down to complete my assignment before the deadline this Sunday. Everyone is a leader it’s just finding the right people to bring it out of you.

Friday 18th March 2016

Tomorrow I am attending the “Farnworth You Decide” event hosted by Greater Manchester Police in a mission to win £500 towards the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival. I have to prepare a 3 minute presentation to members of the public. Well for anyone who knows me personally will know I’m a talker so being restricted to 3 minutes will be a real challenge. So today I’ve planned what I’m going to present which means that I could have a well-deserved evening off visiting friends. This is my blog which so I can give my friends business a plug too. David & Susie are an amazing couple with a super cute daughter Bonnie, Michael and I are so blessed to know them. Also they have built up a fantastic business which continues to grow. I want a job there because staff get free cans of coke(doesn’t take much) check out

Saturday 19th March 2016

Well today I attended the “You Decide” Event hosted by Greater Manchester Police at my old secondary school St James in Farnworth. They had a funding pot of 7k to give in sums of £500 to groups/organisations/projects in the area. I went along to promote the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival . I was third up and following on from Stephen Tonge (Kearsley Youth Brass Band) was a big challenge. For some reason I thought I had plenty of time and the 3 minute bell rang on me two sentences from the end. Luckily all the important information I managed to get out there. Every person in the room could vote for their favourites (I couldn’t vote for my own)

Ballot vote

After a lovely buffet (not as good as a Hazel Jones buffet) and entertainment from the amazing Kearsley Youth Brass Band the winners were announced. Much to my amazement I came third which I was slightly gobsmacked I think it was down to people liking scarecrows more than what I said. Fortunately there was enough funds to give every groups attending £500 each which was amazing because everyone deserved it including Kearsley in Bloom and Kearsley Youth Brass Band.

Sunday 13th March 2016

My husband is my rock and nothing I do would be possible without him in the background supporting me and being my number one fan. So this morning I took the morning off to go and be his number one cheerleader at the Firefighters 2UP Duathlon at Rivington. Unfortunately my brain still works even when I don’t want it to so I thought it was a great opportunity to give out flyers for the Lagan’s Foundation Cycle Challenge.

This evening was spent doing one of the things I love to do. Teaching people how to do CPR and use a defibrillator at Ladybridge FC. It is such a privilege to use the life-saving skills I know to empower someone else with those skills too. I’m so chuffed that Ladybridge FC now have a defibrillator on their site.

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