My, my, amazing pie!

Just a quickie – it is Bank Holiday, after all, but I did get round to making the amazing Luis Troyano potato pie as my Easter treat, so here is the update!

As he suggests, I made the filling the day before. I had a small punnet of button mushrooms that needed using up, so I strayed a little off-recipe and added those, thinly sliced, towards the end of cooking and, for the same reason, substituted cherry plum tomatoes for standard ones. I also only used one bunch of coriander instead of two, as my husband is not massively keen on it. I must say I was surprised at how much garam masala was involved, but went along with it anyway. It smelt, and tasted, really lovely – I almost felt like eating it on its own! I have some filling left so may do something else with it, or freeze for another day.


Onto the turmeric-infused hot water crust pastry. This went together like a dream – funny how I always seem to do okay with this pastry, yet seldom make it. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s the sort of pastry you make pork pies with, and involves heating the fat and water together before adding to the dry ingredients. It’s lovely and moist and doesn’t need any flour to roll out with as its quite soft and elastic without being too sticky. Being veggie, I used half butter and half Trex (in place of lard) – thanks for the tip Luis!


Okay, so I forgot to overlap the edge before sealing the lid on. Nevertheless I did read all Louis’s cooking tips, which definitely worked a treat. Not being much of a cake-maker, I had no fondant cutters for the decorations, so had to wing it and make flowers from circles, which all fell apart after baking! Ah well, I managed something approaching flowers with the remaining bits and I thought it looked suitably celebrational.

So to the acid test – how did it taste? We ate it warm, not cold, and it was delicious. I did find the garam masala a little bit strong, I will confess, so next time I think I will cut that down just a bit. I ate mine with baked beans but I am wondering about whether a sauce would complement it nicely, maybe watercress and lemon to cut through the spice. Being packed with potato chunks and lentils, it could be rather dry. Will think on about that. On the whole, though, this certainly would be a great showstopper for a family meal and would be great for picnics too, I would think, with some salad and coleslaw/chutney.

Although there’s a certain amount of prep. Involved, it can be spread out so it didn’t feel too labour-intensive. Why not give it a go yourself?  If you do, I’d love to see some photos! Hope you had a great break and plenty of goodies, and remember – keeeeep cooking!!







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