Little Lever Library

Exciting plans to create a new, modern library for the community of Little Lever have been announced by Bolton Council. The council is in the process of acquiring an alternative building with the intention that the new facility would replace the area’s current library in Coronation Square.

 Little Lever Library was opened in 1940 and is considered a valuable asset to the community, offering computer classes, a scrabble group and a venue for local history talks as well as providing traditional library services.  However, at just over 1200 square feet in size it has been unable to grow with demand.

 Negotiations are underway with the council and the agents for a building more than six times the size that will offer the opportunity for shared use with another community facility. This will give the library and museum service scope to develop the computer facilities and organise more community-led events.

 The Leader of Bolton Council, Cllr Cliff Morris, said: “This is an idea that we have been considering for some time. We really value the library service having a presence in Little Lever but are restricted with what we can offer with the current space we have. Consequently, we’re very excited to be pursuing the option of relocating the library to larger premises that we can tailor to modern needs. If everything goes according to plan we will have created a fantastic new facility that will benefit the community of Little Lever for many years to come.”

 Providing the purchase of the premises goes ahead and the relevant planning consent is granted, work could start on creating the new library later this year.

 The future use of the current library building will be decided in due course but the Little Lever war memorial will be retained and preserved.

Source: Bolton Council