Letters to the editor 2

Dear Cllr Hornby
I am writing to request a formal apology from yourself as leader of the Bolton branch of UKIP after the recent outburst from your official Facebook page against our Liberal Democrat candidate in Bromley Cross which saw your official page brand a voter “The man who talks Bull++t”

Whilst we fully appreciate your public support for the Bolton Liberal Democrats fight against fracking, as you clearly outline on the Facebook post in question HERE

  – to allow your own party to attack one of our candidates in such a way and using such abusive language is completely unprofessional and we are requesting a formal apology from yourself as leader of the local party and confirmation that this behaviour will not happen again.

Picture source- Kev Walsh

Whilst many people may indeed agree that the UKIP manifesto is very much “misleading c**p”, there is no need to use the sort of language and targeted abuse to individuals who point this out. I appreciate the frustrations the party members and yourself must feel as you all come to terms with the reality of the official UKIP manifesto, but I ask that you please ensure your social media campaigners refrain from taking these frustrations out on others. Perhaps if the party took the Liberal Democrat approach to policy creation – with all members being able to formulate, put forward and vote upon policy – then the campaigners would be much less frustrated?

Let me sign off by once again thanking you for going against you national party’s policy on fracking in order to support your local Liberal Democrat colleagues and trust that such incidents as outlined will not happen in the future.

Kind regards

Kevin Walsh
Chairman, Bolton Liberal democrats,

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