The life of a fundraiser #7 by Tracey Wilkinson


Week commencing 28th March 2016

I write this blog with the purpose of giving you a small insight into my life as a fundraiser and volunteer within my community. I have been a voluntary fundraiser for a number of years now whilst also being in full-time employment and working around my family life. Please enjoy reading blog #7 and share for others to read.

Monday 28th March 2016

Well what can I say, after 3 months of planning the big day arrived and although the weather forecast declared a dry afternoon it began out biggest obstacle of the day. Battling the wind was a complete nightmare and caused numerous gazebo’s to break. Many of the marketplace stalls resigned to the fact it wasn’t going to work and left the event before it even began. My team of volunteered battled through and miraculously were ready for the crowds at 1pm. The weather was miserable and we had a number of showers and lots of gusty wind, however this didn’t stop those hard core northerners arriving in their wellies and raincoats. We had hundreds of people come and enjoy the event and help raise lots of money for the chosen charity Lagan’s Foundation. My favourite highlight of the day was seeing my childhood best friend who now lives in Australia at the event. She was over in the UK for the Easter holidays with her family and it meant so much to me that she took the time out to come and support one of my events.

Tracey and The Depporados

Today was one of my hardest events to date and although it didn’t go as planned these type of events make you learn and come out the other side feeling stronger and ready to take on the next challenge. All the money raised at the event was handed over to the counting trio and I was completely astounded when I was informed that we had raised over £3,500 for charity. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this event happen and helped to raise this amazing amount of money.

Tuesday 29th March 2016

I booked today off work in anticipation that there will be a lot to do in the aftermath of the fun day.

However every muscle in my body is in agony so painkillers and a day on the sofa ringing around all the raffle prize winners. There were over 60 prizes donated for the grand raffle prize draw and I must thank every single person or business that donated a prize. I must also say a big thank you to Kerri who assisted me with obtaining raffle prizes from local businesses whilst on her maternity leave with baby Eric. Throughout the day I had people knocking on collecting their raffle prizes and there was some very happy people. It was good to hear that despite the weather everyone said they had a great time and can’t wait for next year. I also contacted the winners of the silent auction bids to arrange payment and collection of the item they won.

Wednesday 30th March 2016

I booked another day off work which wasn’t a planned day off but because I was unable to do the big clear up yesterday and I wouldn’t be able to manage it around working full time. This afternoon I spent a good four hours down at the cricket club with my brother in law Nigel and Mum Grace doing the big clean up. There was lots of dirty tables, soggy cardboard boxes and unfortunately broken gazebo’s. We filled up the trailer with all the tables loaned from my uncle’s church which my mum then took back, whilst Nigel and I then filled my car up with things that are to go back to my house.

When my mum returned we filled up her car full for the charity shop and the trailer full of items loaned that need returning.

This evening I finally got back to presenting #CommunityCorner on Bolton FM with David and Tony. I’ve missed it over the last few weeks because of the fun day so it was good to be back. I got to share about the event and interviewed two special guests that who came into the studio.

Thursday 31th March 2016

First day back at work and collision reports piled up on my desk but this is my paid job so on I get until 7pm. After work I drove straight over to Kearsley Mount Methodist Church for our third Kearsley in Bloom meeting.  The event will take place between 1st May and 21st August this year in the Kearsley ward area. We are encouraging people to brighten up the area where we live by starting at home by hanging a flowering basket or displaying a beautiful planter. We as a team have been trying hard to obtain funding so we can work together with Giant Seat Garden Centre  and Easy Lawn Turf  to make some displays around the area. We will also be looking for local businesses to sponsor railing barrier planters in the area.

Friday 1st April 2016

Whilst at work I received two photographs from the amazing Dan Garland who’s volunteered his services to fit all our Community Public Access Defibrillators in Kearsley which were funded by the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival. It’s great seeing thesecabinets going up knowing that we are making Kearsley a safer place to live.

Tonight I was supposed to be going to Regent Park Golf Club with Carren Bell CEO of Lagan’s Foundation to collect a cheque that they are donating for a fantastic amount of£1800. However the last few weeks have been non-stop and one of things I’ve learnt over the years (sometimes the hard way) is that I need to take some time for myself to recuperate. So laptop switched off, feet up and taking a well-earned rest followed by 10 hours sleep.

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Today I had a completely full day off from everything and enjoyed spending some quality time with friends.

Sunday 3rd April 2016

This morning I returned back loaned gazebos from the fun day, well the ones that were still standing at the end of the windy day. Delivered more raffle prizes to some very happy people but I still have more to get to the lucky winners. This evening I posted our event poster for the Lagan’s Foundation Cycle Challenge on local cycling Facebook pages to drum up some more riders for the event. Also sent some messages to people who I think might volunteer to be a marshall on the day. This event is very special to the charity because it’s the one done specifically in memory of baby Lagan.

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