Council funds three new 3G pitches across borough


Bolton Council has announced plans to provide three new 3G pitches across the borough, to support participation in sports, and promote health and wellbeing amongst young people and adults.

In February 2016, the council had agreed to provide £1.5m of capital funding towards the development of these pitches.

The council has now outlined the potential locations of these pitches, as Westhoughton High School and Leisure Centre; Old Station Park, Horwich and a third site, which is yet to be determined in the south of the borough.

The location of the pitches has been chosen based on the infrastructure already in place and whether the pitch can be managed by an existing facility or building.

Westhoughton High School and Leisure Centre has an existing floodlit shale pitch on the site which is in poor condition and only used infrequently by the school and local community.

The existing infrastructure and easy site access means a scheme could be completed in 2016.

Old Station Park in Horwich has an existing sand filled artificial pitch and has been in place for almost 20 years. Redevelopment of this site would complement the new build leisure and health centres and also allow for further park improvements such as an outdoor gym.

The existing infrastructure and site access means a scheme could be completed in 2017.

The council also plans to develop one further 3G pitch in the south of the borough, but this will be subject to finding a suitable site and attracting match funding from Sport England or other bodies.

These pitches will add to the six 3G pitches already approved or operating in Bolton; Ladybridge Football Club; ESSA School; Bolton Arena; and St Catherine’s Academy; a recently completed one at Bolton Lads and Girls Club and one more in development at Ladybridge High School.

All the new facilities would be managed via the council’s agreement with Bolton Community Leisure Trust with a pricing structure similar to that which has been adopted at the new 3G pitch at Bolton Lads and Girls Club and is proposed at Ladybridge High School.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Resources, Councillor Ebrahim Adia, said: “We are delighted to be investing in 3G pitches across the borough. These new pitches will provide modern, high quality facilities which will cater for adults and young people playing sport. We hope that they will attract more people to get involved in sport, as well as improving health and wellbeing across the borough.”

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