As a media contact with a interest in the musical talents of Greater Manchester and promotion (marketing), it is always great to take up the opportunity to help bands, artists and other acts to promote themselves locally – and nationally – even representing them on a collective platform with other bands that may not be aware of them but they have have a great match of chemistry with who don’t know what they are up to – surprising in a world of social media but there are that many pages we like or bands we hear, it is difficult and close to impossible to know what each one is getting up to, how they are developing and where they are in their careers.

This is great when events like BFest in Bolton take place on Easter Sunday as, although I have a great way of filling a day on which I would otherwise be in bed, it is helping me develop, promoting my interviewing style for the two radio stations for which I present, as well as creating a resource of audio that can be used on both and transcribed for the North West entertainment websites I write for.

One band I saw whilst at The Blind Tiger in Bolton is (or should it be ‘are’?!) The Attic Doctors.

Set up fairly recently, their chemistry is clear as soon as they enter the room, with a relaxed, yet Indie somewhat Mod style.

Supported by Oldham-based Lyceum, Medy Lema, Bwaah and Lynch, Dusty Pop Entertainment hosted a great gig at Manchester’s Club Academy last night to celebrate the headliners.

A duo (Ryan Brogan and Brad Healey), coincidentally I met Lyceum at a pub near their hometown where a cast party was held for a production I was in at the Coliseum. Bwaah are just a group of young guys (names not available online) who obviously love what they do and are modestly grateful if they get a big gig such as this, whereas the members of electronic trio Lynch (Dieter Lynch, Tom Lonsborough and Stephen Graham) are ‘seasoned industry professionals’ all working in training for other musicians – and it shows.

Although Lynch did it with some impressive technical-looking kit, despite being leaders of the style here, they weren’t the only ones to inject sound manipulation into their set as The Attic Doctors’ Joe Cubbin had some awesome sounds coming from his guitar. Desribed by Hooting & Howling Magazine as “energetic dark fervor of Foals, and a stroke of the indie-dance vigor of Primal Scream to Kasabian”, the band “take influence from an eclectic range, flourishing their own unique and animated sound”, residing in Bolton, are an indie-rock quartet made up of lead singer Dean Peatfield, guitarist Joe Cubbin, drummer Matty Dagger and bassist Jack Smith.

They came together as a result of a chance meeting at a house party last year and have quickly begun to refine their own indie party anthems, releasing a self-published demo EP and developing a live set at venues across the North West. Currently unsigned, they were invited to perform at Academy 3 a few months ago and, from the demand and impression on the promoters, were asked to headline this gig.

With the sound manipulation, I heard elements of a country introduction to one of the songs along with undertones of The Saw Doctors (it must be something in the name), The Jam and Tom Robinson Band’s ‘2-4-6-8 Motorway’ throughout the presentation of their originals: Big Brother, What Goes Up, Trojan, Soak, Aftertaste, Gasoline, Evil Twin, Time After Time, Sauce, concluding with their forthcoming new single ‘Milkshake’, available from ..the usual online outlets on Monday.

With a sparse crowd slowly developing as the night progressed, the majority of them gathered for the climax of the night in this band and rightly so, with a justified group of Pogoers (dance).

The group can be found on social media.