The life of a fundraiser #9 by Tracey Wilkinson


My 9th blog is a short one due to a forthcoming holiday and therefore there won’t be a blog next week too. My blog is designed to give you an idea of what I get up to behind the scenes of a busy volunteer. From fundraising to community work alongside my full-time employment and family life can be like juggling plates but the sacrificed time and effort is all worthwhile. Hope you enjoy reading this blog and please feel free to share.

Monday 11th April 2016

Monday morning started by meeting up with Andy, Simon and Zoe from Street Soccer Academy in relation to the fundraising event I am organising for them this

Summer. We are not too far off launching this event so keep your eyes peeled. This is my first event that is being held outside of the Bolton area so hoping I will still get those people who support me at every event still attend. This meeting involved discussions on insurance, ticketing method and a brief overview of where everything is up to. This event is definitely a new challenge but also an opportunity to build up new networks. After work I visited Craig from The Lancs Leafleters who previously delivered all my fun day leaflets to homes in the area. He did an amazing job and I would fully recommend him, hence why I am using his services again to deliver flyers/registration forms to all homes in Kearsley Ward for the forthcoming Kearsley in Bloom festival. Alongside Stephen Tonge and

Sandra Arden I am organising this event as part of the Kearsley Festival Group to give back to the community in which we live. We are encouraging residents, businesses, groups, organisations in the area to join in by displaying a hanging basket or planter or creating a display on their premises. We have all the local schools involved doing various projects so no doubt you parents will be sending in objects that they can upcycle. The festival will run from 1st May until 31st August with the competition entries closing in July.

Tuesday 12th April 2016


Laptop time today putting together the marshals list for the Lagan’s Cycle Challenge and trying to drum up some more volunteers to finalise the list .

I also spent some time catching up on emails in relation to Kearsley in Bloom and updating social media pages about this forthcoming festival. My husband says I have my laptop permanently strapped to my knees, I love my laptop it connects me to the world.

Tracey at Laptop

Wednesday 13th April 2016

Tonight I had the night off Bolton FM so that I could go and watch the Watoto African Children’s Choir which were absolutely outstanding. I managed to tune into the last 40 minutes of Bolton FM to listen to my friend Christina Cunningham Miss North West who was on the show talking about her

forthcoming events and her aim to become to the next Miss England.

Thursday 14th April 2016

Tonight was the last #TeamLagan meeting via Skype before the Lagan’s Cycle Challenge on Sunday 24th April. This will be the 4th event with the start at Rivington Bowling Green and we have well over 50 riders signed up at present. We are takings bookings up until the actual event, although the price rises if you pay on the day. We will have a 40 plus strong team of volunteers to run and steward the event all giving up their Sunday morning for Lagan’s Foundation Most events couldn’t go ahead if it wasn’t for volunteers so well done to everyone who is taking time out to support this event.


Friday 15th April 2016

Now it’s sad to say that this is my final blog, not forever! Just whilst I go on holiday for a week so I will be wrapping up my blog a few days early because I will be off on a jet plane tomorrow. Today I took the day off work due to a few appointments, finish off a loose ends and pack my suitcase.

As part of the Kearsley in Bloom festival I had arranged for 4 wooden frames to be constructed by a friend who also obtained a great donation of the wood from International Timber. These frames will be erected within the Kearsley Ward area so that member of the community can use them for photograph opportunities. This afternoon my mum, Stephen Tonge and I hooked up the trailer to collect the four frames to transport them to one of our team members Rick Smethurst who’s volunteered to paint the frames over the forthcoming weeks. However when we arrived at the pickup point they were too big for the trailer. So after standing there in the rain deciding what to do next we gave up, made a phone call to the amazing Sandra at Easy Lawn Turf who’s going to arrange for one of their wagon’s to collect and drop off tomorrow. Don’t forget to look out for these frames during the Kearsley in Bloom festival and make sure you post your snaps behind them.

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