Tonight saw the official opening of Spice Valley at Noble House, with a reception for invited guests. I was lucky enough to be one of those, and we were treated to a very warm welcome. The iconic fountain has been retained, but now sits at the side of the front door, and you still make your way down the ‘Noble House’ carpeted stairs, to be met by a large, themed display and tonight we were personally greeted by Geeta and Subhash Kotecha.

The popularity of the restaurant was evidenced by the amazingly large turnout – it was nearly impossible to move through the crowd and the staff did a great job to circulate and keep the drinks flowing, as the temperature inevitably rose. Madam Mayor duly arrived to part the ribbon and the restaurant was officially declared open. Mr and Mrs Kotecha’s family were there to support and their daughter gave a short speech, which was echoed by the Mayor’s, about how pleased they were to be part of the town centre development and of how they committed they are to supporting Bolton and the local community, through their businesses and charity work.


The colour scheme and decoration in the restaurant have, of course, been changed and the place has a lighter, fresher, feel overall. A super range of mini nibbles were circulated, with vegetable pakoras, onion bhajis, paneer & pepper skewers and my personal favourite were the spicy potato balls. My husband assures me that the meat and fish offerings were very tasty too!


We had a prior engagement so, as the food queue was so long and seating limited, we reluctantly decided to forego the taster curries and left everyone to carry on enjoying the evening. The staff were welcoming and helpful, the food we had was high quality and tasty and, having enjoyed food from both restaurants in the past, I have no doubt that this one will be a success. It is great to have another cuisine offering a quality and welcome dining experience to add yet more to the town centre’s growing offer and appeal.