Turn your bin into a butt!

Photo credit Peter Entwistle

Bolton Council are urging residents to consider turning their grey bins into water butts, using a conversion kit, when the slim bins are rolled out:

Bolton Council and United Utilities are offering residents a chance to ‘go green’ and save money by converting their 240l bins to water butts, after the introduction of slim grey bins in June 2016.

The council will be replacing all 240 litre grey bins with slim 140 litre grey bins between June and November 2016, which will save £1.25m a year and increase recycling levels across the borough. The council has already made significant efforts to reduce grey bin waste and increase recycling, but must make further changes to reduce waste disposal costs, which were £20m in 2014/15.

Bolton council and United Utilities are jointly funding special water butt “conversion kits” which residents can opt to receive when they take delivery of their new slim bin.

The kits will allow residents to convert their old 240l bin into a water butt, which can be kept in the garden to collect rainwater. This rainwater can then be used to water the garden, saving money on water bills, as well as helping to save the environment by recycling and reusing water.

The kits include a rain diverter to connect the guttering downpipe into the old bin and a plastic tap to go at the base.

Any residents who are interested in turning their 240l bin into a water butt can fill out a short form at www.bolton.gov.uk/loverecycling and the council will arrange for a water butt converter kit to be delivered during the roll out of the new slim bin.

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Councillor Nick Peel, said: “We will be recycling all the old 240l bins, but we wanted to offer residents the alternative of keeping their old bin and reusing it in a different way.

If you spend a lot of time and money watering your garden, this is a great idea, which will help you save money on your water bills, as well as help to save the environment by reusing water.”

Elisa Benson, water efficiency coordinator at United Utilities, added:  “It’s a great idea.  The conversion kits are really easy for any DIY-er to install to create an instant 240-litre water butt. It saves tap water and if you’re on a water meter that will help you save money too.”

Source: Bolton Council

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