A new phone scam has appeared that sees mobile users get a missed  call from an 0845 or 0843 number and then get billed up to £300  is now being investigated by the regulator  Ofcom.

Victims usually get a ‘missed call’ lasting less than a second  from an 0845 or 0843 number – but are then billed for a 12-hour call back.

Users – speaking to Mail Online – are claiming they have not made any call backs  and  the scam seems to be affecting mobile phones on Vodafone.

A Vodafone spokesman  has been quoted by various media outlets as saying,

‘Our systems have not been compromised or breached.

‘Our security monitoring systems have identified that a number of customers have returned unsolicited calls, leading to them being charged significant amounts.”

If you get one of these missed calls do not call it back instead call your mobile provider to report the activity.

OfCom has announced that after various complaints they are investigating the matter