Last night myself and Kieran headed down to Cineworld Bolton at Midnight for the first showing of Captain America: Civil war with high hopes and my were we not disappointed.

13101072_10153503502022513_2004127841_nBefore the film we caught up with Marvel fans and we spoke to Nick Barton, who is a first year student at Edge Hill University , who had traveled down dressed as Spiderman for the special viewing , he told us:

“I`ve come down from University as i am a big Marvel fan and the anticipation for this film is huge. I got the costume for Christmas last year and my brother was trying to get a costume at short notice but did not manage to find one in time so has settled for a Captain America T- shirt”13082054_10153503501972513_742288782_n

So enough about the fans let`s get on to the film shall we?

Should the avengers be nationalised?

That is the controversial idea that ignites a “civil war” among the avengers in this adrenaline filled , action packed masterpiece from Marvel.

It has all the hallmarks of the Marvel style and yet has a more serious note than the other films in the franchise and is darker and more emotional than any Marvel movie yet.

I`m not going to give the game away too much but the basic premise is
following an incident involving the Avengers which involved a lot of collateral damage, politicians propose a governing body to monitor the activities of avengers.

This brings Steve Rogers into direct conflict with Tony Stark, with the other Avengers choosing sides behind Captain America and Iron Man. But while fighting each other, they must work out how to protect the world from a new enemy…

And plot wise … that`s all you are getting….

So how did it fare etc? Compared to the hype that always surrounds the Marvel franchises… honestly… it quite simply rocked!
(Ok so I will totally admit at this point I am a massive Marvel fan and so is Kieran and we both literally loved it but both agree that even if you are not a massive Marvel fan it is worth watching)

With some amazing set pieces, comedic moments and action scenes it is probably deserving of the title “Best Marvel film to date”

Based on the comic book by the legendary Mark Millar this film is  one for all you die hard comic fans and does stick to the distinctive style of the book yet it will appeal to non die hard fans as well.

With some excellent performances by Chris Evans as The Cap and Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark / Ironman this film is sure to be a box office hit, in fact i would dare to say that Robert Downey Jr`s take on Ironman/Stark has matured over the last few films and he gave a really powerful perfomance throughout.

The all star cast includes- Scarlett Johansson ( Black Widow),Sebastian Stan ( Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie ( Falcon),Don Cheadle ( War Machine), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Paul Bettany (Vision),
Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) plus more!
To be fair all of them give brilliant performances throughout and you really get sucked in to the storyline within the first 5 minutes.

For me though, the highlight of the whole film is Tom Holland`s Spiderman who has made the role his own and has constructed the character perfectly. On a fans note here it is great that Spidey is finally back with Marvel… if you`ve been waiting for this day like a lot of fans have you really will love it!

Whether you’re a super fan and you’ve been anticipating this film like it was Christmas morning, you love a bit of superhero action or you just fancy a bit of Robert Downey Jr, then you’re going to LOVE this film!

So to sum up-


A great Marvel film and arguably the best one to date, With stellar performances from all of the actors and some great work by The Russo brothers this film is a sure fire hit and i will even go out on a limb and say it is a MUST SEE for all Marvel fans , die hard or not.

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