Election 2016: How Bolton Live covers polling day


Strict rules mean that us here at Bolton Live, like other news outlets, are not allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open on Election day

In all national and local elections,  The Bolton Live project is legally required both by its own rules and regulations and electoral law to adopt a code of practice

The basic principle behind this is the need for due impartiality of political coverage on a local and national level

So, on polling day (5th May 2016), we (like other press agencies) will not report on any of the election campaigns from 00.00 until polls close at 22.00 on our networks when our election coverage of the count will begin

However, existing online stories will not be removed.

Coverage will be restricted to uncontroversial factual accounts, such as the appearances of politicians at polling stations or the weather.

Subjects which have been an issue or part of the campaign – or other controversial matters relating to the election – must not be covered on polling day as decided by the Electoral Commission, so Bolton Live`s output cannot be seen as influencing the ballot while the polls are open. This will apply to all of the Bolton Live social media accounts as well as this website.

We will however be posting reminders to vote at intervals during the day as set out in our groups founding rules and regulations as part of our commitment to our community.

No opinion poll on any issue relating to politics or the election can be published until after the polls have closed as set out by the same Electoral Commission rules

Whilst polls are open, it is a criminal offence to publish anything about the way in which people have voted in that election.

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