The life of a fundraiser #11 by Tracey Wilkinson



Week commencing 2 nd May 2016

My blog is here to give you a bit of an insight into life behind the scenes of my voluntary charity fundraising and the things I get up to in my community. Juggling working full time, family life and my voluntary work is always challenging but it’s completely worthwhile. I hope you enjoy reading Blog#11 and please share.

Monday 2 nd May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday and I was still up at the crack of dawn so I decided to get on with printing off vendors booking forms and insurance documents for the event that I am doing for Street Soccer Academy in Summer I then took some time out to go with my family to a few fun days in the area, it makes a change supporting other events. It’s always good too to pick up tips and also obtain some new contacts to use for my future events.

Tuesday 3 rd May 2016

Tonight I put a request out for stallholders for my forthcoming event. I have many people on my facebook who are contacts and previous stall holders so it would be impossible for me to choose stall holders. So I have done this event first come first served and once I get a good selection I will then handpick stalls that I am missing for the event. Straight after launching I had a large number of messages which is always a great sign that people enjoy attending your events.

Kearsley in Bloom is just around the corner and some finishing touches needed for one of our projects which you will hear more about in the forthcoming blogs. As part of this project I need different materials but mainly wood. I have already an amazing donation of wood from International Timber Ltd       ( ) through a friend who works for them. However I needed wooden posts and I wouldn’t have liked to put on a company that’s already donated. So I contacted local timber merchants Anthony Axford ( ) through another local resident who then kindly agreed to donate the wooden posts towards the project. Thank you to both companies for donating it really helps with the community work we are doing in Kearsley.

Wednesday 4 th May 2016

Today I finally got to launch my next big event a Celebrity Football Match and Family Fun Day at West Didsbury & Chorlton Football Club on Saturday 16 th July in aid of Street Soccer Academy. It’s going to be a great family day and there will be something for people of all ages. Please visit the event page on facebook and share the event poster

I really appreciate all the support I receive from everyone in getting the word out there about my events.

A4 Celebrity Football Match

Thursday 5 th May 2016

The wooden posts previously mentioned which were donated by Anthony Axford were collected and then dropped them off at one of our team members Rick’s home for him to paint. Things are really starting to come along with the Kearsley in Bloom project. We have already had a number of entries for the competition and we are expecting more entries once everyone receives a registration form through their letterbox. I liaised with Craig from Lancs Leafleter  for an update on the distribution of the flyers and due to the bad weather he’d been delayed but back on track with the sunshine breaking through.

Friday 6 th May 2016

Today I visited M & A Brown ( ) which is located around the corner from my workplace. I spoke to Ben to discuss banners and signs for Kearsley in Bloom. The signs are part of the project I mentioned earlier and the banners will be situated in the area to let members of the public know why flowers and planters are blooming around Kearsley. All the local schools area also making signs which will also be placed around the area. The schools are also doing specific projects within school which I’ve loved hearing all about via twitter and facebook.

After work I met up with a new contact Paul Pryce from at Starbucks to discuss how we can connect and work together. It was great to get to know all about each other although he did tell me he had googled me beforehand (ha ha). I am hoping that Paul will be participating in my big summer event.

Saturday 7 th May 2016

This afternoon was #TeamLagan’s cycle event de-brief and first meeting for the Cycle Challenge 2017 event. It was great to get together to discuss the highs and lows and plan the future of this event.

This is a very special event to Lagan’s Foundation because this is the event specifically in memory of baby Lagan. The feedback from riders were amazing and it is an event that will continue to grow and become a well-known event throughout the North West and beyond.

Today I’ve had some amazing communication with two specific people who want to support the Celebrity Football Match and Fun Day so watch this space on the event page for future announcements.

Sunday 10 th April 2016

This afternoon I went to support Miss Lancashire Lucy Physick at her Craft Fayre fundraiser in aid of Beauty with a Purpose. It was a great event and yet again I made some great new contacts and met some lovely people. Also it was an opportunity to catch up with Miss North West Christina Cunningham and chat to her about her forthcoming event Kearsley’s Biggest Garden Party. I love giving this girl advice on how to progress and make her event the best it can be. Both Lucy and Christina are in the Miss England final in July which I can’t wait to go and support.

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