Facebook comes to the rescue of stuck dog


There was high drama today on Facebook and in real life when 4 1/2 mth old crossbreed Missy got her head stuck in a dryer vent. The inquistive pooch somehow managed to get her head stuck causing her owner Tiffany Louise to take to Facebook to get her help
Tiffany explains “I have just moved into new place , let carpet men in and Missy went out the back door due to being timid.  A couple of minutes later i heard a whimper and could see a head through the wall where the tumble dryer should be. I Realised she was stuck and then rang RSPCA and other agencies. It was a wait for RSPCA and Missy was getting restless and i was panicking.

13165998_10209424824647544_3878687275475238290_nI`ve used the group before for help and posted a picture direct to the group. People do help, There were some judgmental people who jumped to the wrong conclusion and others jumped straight to my defence as i am a single parent , on my own with a 11 month old child” ”

Within minutes the original post garnered over 200 comments on the popular Bolton buy sell swap group with people offering their help and others accusing Tiffany of a hoax.

Thankfully , also within minutes , Bradley Fold resident Shell Seddon sprung into action and armed with a hammer and a chisel jumped into a car and headed down to Bradley fold.

Shell told us:

“I saw the post on Bolton buy sell with the poor dog`s head stuck in wall  and knew straight away i just had to help, I have a background in housing and maintenence so i grabbed  a Hammer13187883_10209425225857574_2026110278_n and chisel , jumped straight into the car and headed round .  When i arrived an RSPCA inspector pulled up ,  and we removed the mortar and brick between myself and the RSPCA inspector, the RSPCA called a fire brigade specialist unit. Within a couple of minutes Missy was free , a bit shaken but ok”

Just goes to show the power of Facebook Bolton Live readers and the fact there are good people out there willing to help a stranger and in this case a pooch in distress


UPDATE 19.41- Gary Haslam from Solid Instalations Ltd has kindly offered to fix the hole for free so that`s even further proof that Boltonians are some of the nicest people around

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