The Bolton Pride Team are working with Bolton Police and the Local Authority again this year, to celebrate IDAHOBIT 2016. The team are urging residents, students & shoppers to stand alongside them for this year’s International Day Against HOmophobia, BIphoria & Transphobia at 12.30pm on Tues 17th May in Victoria Square. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring every corner of the community together to stand against hate crime.

The team are aiming for at least 150 people to join them, so they are asking readers to spread the word using the hashtag #IDAHOBIT2016BOLTON and to help them create a human rainbow in Victoria Square, which will send out a message that Bolton is united in the fight against hate crime.

Annual day IDAHBOIT began in 2004 to draw the attention of policymakers, opinion leaders, social movements, the public and the media to the violence and discrimination experienced by LGBT people internationally

Mark J Geary, co-founder of Bolton Pride and LGBT Bolton said

“IDAHOBIT is a worldwide event which allows communities to come together to stand up to hate crime and that is what we are passionate about. There is no greater power than people standing together. Council members, community leaders, teachers, straight allies and residents, we urge you all to join us on May 17th at 12.30pm, in the heart of Bolton. Together we can stand up to hate crime and send a clear message that it shall not be tolerated in our fantastic town.”

Detective Inspector Charlotte Cadden said: “The diversity of our communities is one of the things that makes Bolton a great place to live, work & socialise and I will be proud to stand alongside friends, colleagues & residents on the 12th May in celebration of IDAHOBIT2016.

“However, we must also remember that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crime unfortunately still takes place and this is completely unacceptable. On the 12th May, we will be sending out a clear message that this kind of behaviour is not welcome in our community and I encourage anybody who has fallen victim, to report it and we will support you.”

Full event details can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/275241962812692/. Please use the TrueVision on line reporting forum at http://www.report-it.org.uk/home to report any hate crimes or call 101