The life of a fundraiser #12 by Tracey Wilkinson


Welcome behind the scenes of the life of a fundraiser. I have been a voluntary fundraiser for a number of years whilst also working full-time. Here is a little insight into my fundraising antics and voluntary roles. Please enjoy reading Blog #12 and feel free to share.

Monday 9th May 2016

This forthcoming Friday is Key 103 Cash for Kids #SuperheroDay and Greater Manchester Police who I work for full time have told us we can participate. Never missing an opportunity of raising money for a good cause I jumped straight to it and began creating a superhero sweepstake for Friday’s #SuperheroDay.

After work I met up with Stephen and Rick from the Kearsley in Bloom team for the task of moving a giant frames and eight 10ft wooden posts. We (well Stephen) managed to get all 8 posts in my car and Stephen and Rick walked the giant frame through the streets of Kearsley to the next location.

I’ve had four of these giant frames created which will be placed around the community for residents to go and have a photograph behind. We are hoping these will be a permanent fixture within the area.

20160509_191646 (1)

All the local schools are involved in the festival and today I had one of the school send me some photographs of what they have been up to with their project. I posted these on our social media sites to show the people of Kearsley what is going on in the area. It’s great seeing the projects the local schools are creating as part of the festival.

Tuesday 10 th May 2016

Since launching my next forthcoming Celebrity Football Match and Family Fun Day  I’ve had lots of interest for stalls so I needed to catch up these enquires and email potential stall holders with a booking form and payment details. Sometimes it can feel a little brutal having to reject people who really want to be part of the event. However I have to ensure that each stall is unique and we don’t have two of the same stalls.

Once each stall holder pays their stall fee I then post about their stall on the facebook event page.

Wednesday 11 th May 2016

After work I headed over to the Bolton FM studio for #CommunityCorner. David, Tony and I had a busy night full of different guests including the lovely Kellie McGarry who I met for the first time. Kellie lives in Westhoughton and is very similar to me in the way she holds events in her local community. Kellie came in to talk about her forthcoming event “It’s a knockout” which is on 22 nd May at Central Drive playing fields from 11am. I am hoping to pop down and support the event and it’s always good to go to events to make new contacts for my future events.

When I got home from Bolton FM I linked Kellie up with Pete from Bolton Live to help with the promoting side of her event. Pete then asked me if I could help him seek a local sponsor for their staff uniform. Always happy to help and use my contacts I told him I would speak to a few contacts and see what I can do. Bolton Live was started back in 2009 by a small team of bloggers with a passion for all things Bolton. The community group is run by volunteers and aims to provide free advertising for local groups, events, music gigs, musicians, charities and much more.

Visit their website for more information and obviously to read my blogs each Monday.

Thursday 12 th May 2016

Less than 12 hours later I have managed to secure Bolton Live a sponsor for their uniforms to which I’m saying any more but watch this space something will be announced in due course. Thank you to the kind hearted business who agreed to support Bolton Live it will be an enormous help for them.

This morning I was supposed to meet with the fun fair people at the venue for the Celebrity Football Match and Fun Day event I am doing in aid of Street Soccer Academy However it’s my friends mum’s funeral this morning so I’ve had to cancel the appointment in order that I could attend and support my friend during this difficult time.

On my lunch break today I popped out to collect four banners and four signs for the giant frames for Kearsley in Bloom. We had the banners and signs made at M&A Browns      ( ) who I have used before and are very reliable and do a great job. The signs and banners are amazing and I can’t wait to get them up around Kearsley so keep your eyes peeled.

This evening was our next Kearsley in Bloom meeting  which was again well attended by local people wanting to be involved in this community project. It’s getting very close to finalising our displays and public entries are beginning to roll in. I have task everyone to go out and speak to everyone in the local area about the festival and encourage them to get involved. This festival is for everyone and residents don’t have to be keen gardeners to take part they just need to want to make a difference in Kearsley.

Friday 13 th May 2016

This morning I got to wake up and go to work dressed as Batman #SuperheroDay it’s not often you can do that as an adult. We had lots of cakes to sell and my suyperhero sweepstake also went down a treat. It was a great pick me up at work and everyone really enjoyed tucking into the delicious cakes. We are hoping we managed to raise lots of money for Key 103 Cash for Kids and thank you GMP for allowing us to take part.

As part of Lagan’s Foundation the charity set up a raffles page on Facebook

( ) which is a great way to raise funds for the work of the charity. There’s not been much activity on it for a while so I thought coming up to Summer I would post some great prizes that can be won by anyone who is a member on the page. Some prizes include a BBQ, Paddling Pool and Beach Towel. So if you want to have a go at winning a great prize head over to this facebook page become a member and join in the fun in aid of Lagan’s Foundation

The other day I was just about to post on facebook asking if anyone in the area had some rockery stones available for the Kearsley in Bloom project. Before I had chance to post a friend posted saying they have some rockery stones free to anyone who collects. So Michael and I popped over to Chew Moor to collect as many as my car could hold without the suspension going on the car and transported them back to Kearsley. These will be part of the giant frames I mentioned earlier and thank you Lisa for donating them to this cause.

Saturday 14 th May 2016

Today I had a full day and night off voluntary/charity work well apart from meeting up with Craig from The Lancs Leafleters ( ) to arrange his payment for the 4000 leaflets that he delivered door to door for the Kearsley in Bloom festival.

Sunday 15 th May 2016

The sun was shining so treated myself to another afternoon from doing voluntary/charity work to spend some good quality time with my family. This evening I attended the ETHOS leadership course that I am part of at Kings Church This 12 month course is really helping me learn about leadership and improve myself in relation to being a leader. It’s a very valuable course and I am so grateful that I was asked to attend it.

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