While I was in town for the Teenage Market, I couldn’t resist popping over to Bolton Market to pick up a bargain as we came to the end of National Vegetarian Week. I got two large aubergines for £1 and a very big box of vine tomatoes (about 10lbs?) for just £3.50.

I couldn’t resist having some of the tomatoes for breakfast, so I lightly grilled thick slices and popped them on top of marmite toast – heavenly and healthy!


I watched Sunday Brunch and saw Yasmin Khan talking about burnt aubergine and walnut dip (like baba ganoush) but unfortunately her recipe wasn’t on the site so I found another one online and made that instead. Not tasted it yet but it smells pretty good!

For a one-pot tea for Sunday, and inspired by Jamie  Oliver’s Waste Not plea to cook smart and waste less, I decided to make up a bit of a marvellous mixture! Now I know all the bits are done separately, which sounds like a faff, but actually I just did a bit at a time while I was doing other things and it wasn’t so bad after all.

Rooting through the fridge I found a slightly squidgy-looking butternut squash and some onions that were starting to sprout. I also had half a pack of Hodmedod’s lovely split fava beans (not with liver and a nice Chianti) that needed using up, so I started by cooking them until soft in some vegetable stock.

Meanwhile I sliced the aubergine, sprayed with fry light and baked in the oven until soft, alongside chunks of butternut squash. I picked out the best onion flesh, sliced it thinly and microwaved with a splash of water for a couple of minutes. For my husband’s taste (!) I skinned a dozen large tomatoes and sliced them thickly.

Now I just had to assemble everything: I greased a casserole and put in a layer of aubergine, then a layer or tomato and topped it with slices of light mozzarella. I then covered this with the beans, mixed with butternut squash and finished with another layer of tomatoes before topping with a grated cheese, breadcrumb and paprika mix.


The whole thing was put on one side and later baked in the oven for about 45 minutes. The result was a really tasty, and surprisingly light, total meal which was full of great flavours, textures and was full of goodness, what’s more we have loads of lovely leftovers! Naturally my carnivorous husband had it as a side dish with some meat pie…

Despite all that I still have over half a box of tomatoes left so think I may make some tomato soup and some pasta sauce to freeze tomorrow, not to mention salads and sandwiches – yum. Who says healthy food is more expensive than junk?