Short film by Bolton director tells story of survival

After Auschwitz is a short film about survival, about truth and reflection. It examines the notion that religion should guide our path through life and that we are bound to it. These lives can often be full of regret and incite an enduring sense of guilt. Paul Blinkhorn, a Bolton based writer and director, has launched a crowdfunder campaign to raise funds to support his film’s submission to festivals, nationally and internationally.

This film explores the emotional survival of one woman and how she deals with her acceptance of the past. She challenges her upbringing and how this has influenced her decisions in life, leading her to suffer a deep sense of loss. “For every right there is a duty”. The way her ‘God’ and the religion she was born into, has sculpted her life, “Why do we make God life, when we sacrifice life for God”.

Paul’s first short film Duty Calls went on screen at festivals in Canada, France, Germany and Ireland as well as being screened on Romanian television. It went on to win Best Short at the Pennine Film Festival and was supported by North West Vision and Media to be part of the Cannes Short Film Corner. Paul recently assisted theatre director David Thacker on his productions of Jim Cartwright’s Two andTwo 2 (World Premiere) at the Octagon Theatre Bolton.

Paul Blinkhorn’s experience is rather comprehensive having directed film as well as theatre and radio plays. He has a MA in Theatre Directing from East 15; supported through and AHRC grant and he was invited to be a part of the Lincoln Center Theatre Directors LAB in New York in 2012.

Paul collaborated with Paul Anderton (BA Hons Media Writing and Production, Bolton University 2007) an experienced and talented director of photography and Steven Hutchinson (MA Film Production, Salford University, 2007 and BA Contemporary Arts, MMU, 2001), an accredited editor  with vast cinematography experience.

The cast of After Auschwitz is comprised of two very talented actresses Cathleen Blower and Hazel Earle. Both professionally trained and with considerable acting experience.

Paul Blinkhorn notes that “Film can be an incredible medium where a team of creative individuals work alongside each other to produce something powerful. Their aim is often to create a piece of work that will invite and engage an audience to participate in the lives of others and to challenge their world views, perhaps in a fresh perspective where the fine line of reality and make belief is blurred”.

Paul  is seeking funds to go towards the cost of submitting the 12-minute short film ‘After Auschwitz’ to film festivals internationally and has already raised £530 of the £800 target

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