Could you qualify for a free* replacement boiler, helping you save on your annual energy bills?

Greater Manchester’s Local Authorities are working with the energy provider E.ON to help residents with energy saving home improvements including loft and cavity wall or replacing faulty or broken boilers. If your boiler is over 5 years old, there is a good chance it’s not working properly.

The offer is completely free*. Applicants must just meet the qualifying criteria and there’s no requirement to be an E.ON energy customer.

By taking advantage of this scheme residents could save up to £5401 by insulating their homes and replacing their boiler.

If you own or privately rent your home from a landlord, and you claim certain income related benefits, you may qualify.

They will check to see if you qualify for help towards energy saving home improvements and book your free home survey to check if we can help2.

This offer is time limited. For more information and to check eligibility call Bolton Care and Repair on 01204 328178 or visit

One in five households in Greater Manchester struggle to afford to heat their homes3. Home insulation and an energy efficient boiler can assist in reducing fuel bills, and also have a positive impact on an individual’s health.

Studies have shown people living in cold homes are more likely to develop health issues and respiratory illnesses.

 Tony Lloyd, Mayor of Greater Manchester said: “Greater Manchester’s local authorities are working to help GM residents get the expert help they need with faulty or broken boilers and home insulation.  This scheme could help cut energy bills and make homes more energy efficient, which is good for residents and the environment.  I hope people in Greater Manchester take advantage of this scheme over the next six months.”

This offer is subject to survey, eligibility and availability. The boiler needs to be broken or not working properly, free insulation is only available for specific house types.

The scheme is being offered under a government-led scheme called ECO, and funding is provided by E.ON.




* Subject to survey, eligibility and availability. Additional costs may apply and you will be informed at the time of the survey.

1 Energy Saving Trust, the boiler annual saving is based on replacing a G-rated boiler and installing a new A-rated boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls. Savings will vary depending on the size and thermal performance of the property. And installing loft and cavity wall insulation.

2 All free assessments are subject to eligibility for the scheme.

3 Greater Manchester Poverty Commission:

In order to qualify for the scheme, a householder must own their property or rent it privately from a landlord and have permission to do the work. Plus one of the standalone or combination of benefits apply:


Stand-alone benefits

  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (and your household income is £16,010 or less)


Or one of the following combinations:


Combination A

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support

+ one of the following

  • Disabled child premium
  • Responsible for a qualifying child under 16 who lives at the property
  • Responsible for a qualifying child aged between 16 and 20 in full time education other than higher education who lives at the property.
  • Pension premium, higher pension premium or enhanced pension premium
  • Child tax credit that includes a disability or severe disability element
  • Disability premium, enhanced disability premium or severe disability premium
  • A work related activity or support component (only with Income-related employment and support allowance).


Combination C

  • Working Tax Credit (and your income is £16,010 or less)

+ one of the following

  • Responsible for a qualifying child under 16 who lives at the property
  • Responsible for a qualifying child aged between 16 and 20 in full time education other than higher education who lives at the property
  • Receives a disabled worker element or severe disability element
  • Be aged 60 or over


Combination D

  • Universal Credit (and you earned £1,250 or less after tax in any assessment period in the last 12 months)

+ one of the following

  • The benefit recipient has responsibility for a qualifying child or qualifying young person (a child or disabled child element on the Universal Credit notice)
  • A limited capacity for work element , on the Universal Credit notice
  • Or limited capacity for work and work-related activity element, on the Universal Credit notice
  • The benefit recipient is in receipt of disability living allowance
  • The benefit recipient is in receipt of personal independence payment.