Lazy Town gets kids moving!


Brand-new theatre show LazyTown Live On Stage is coming to Manchester Opera House as part of its mission to tackle Britain’s much-publicised obesity problem head-on.

Show producer Nick Larkin says that with so much talk about obesity in the UK and indeed in much of the developed world, news that Lazytown Live is returning to UK stages this summer makes it “right on topic”.

“The younger characters in LazyTown symbolise the challenges and opportunities that  children face in daily life,” says Nick. “For instance, Ziggy loves the sweet things but struggles to make healthy choices.”

LazyTown passes on the healthy life message through characters Stephanie and Sportacus as they rescue the townspeople from Robbie Rotten’s lazy schemes.

The all new LazyTown Live On Stage is a 60-minute treat of non-stop action. It features Robbie at his rottenest worst while Sportacus has to be at his athletic, super-active best – running, jumping and flipping to save the day.

Stephanie and Ziggy also star as a mix of music, movement and humour engage, entertain and motivate children to make healthier choices in their everyday lives.

The LazyTown Live on Stage show is a spectacular, high-energy, interactive, fun-filled experience full of audience participation. It promises a wonderful sing-a-long (featuring all the latest songs from series three and four of the TV show along with some well-loved classics), with music, dance, acrobatics and non-stop energy.

Presented by Millennium Entertainment International (MEI) in association with GRT Entertainments, LazyTown Live on Stage offers youngsters the chance to enjoy a theatrical adventure with Sportacus, Robbie Rotten, Stephanie and Ziggy.

Will Stephanie, Ziggy and the audience complete the Energy Challenge in time to star in the big show finale? Or will Villain Number One Robbie Rotten get his lazy way? With a little help from all our friends, but most of all our audience, just like Stephanie says, ‘there’s always a way’.

“The superheroes in LazyTown are good role models for our children,” says Nick. “They encourage a healthy lifestyle – more exercise, less sugar. “And with the Sugar Levy set to be introduced in April 2018, we plan to beat the Sugar Tax to the gate with an active-lifestyle, low-sugar message.”

The message is simple: LazyTown’s Sportacus, the backflipping slightly-above-average superhero says too much sugar makes you weak while “sports candy” (fruit and vegetables) is the perfect sugar swap – giving you lots of good energy. Instead of playing inside all day, it’s time everyone got active and played real games outside.

LazyTown first aired in the UK in 2005 and can be seen on Turner’s Boomerang and Cartoonito, as well as Channel 5’s Milkshake.

For ticket information, please visit or follow on social media: and or contact Opera House on 0844 871 3018 or ATG Tickets.


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