Review- Derren Brown: Miracle at The Lowry


Derren Brown`s latest stage show Miracle opened last night at The Lowry as part of it`s UK tour after a very successful run in London’s West End and i was seriously lucky to be there.

Now usually this is the bit where i deconstruct the show but Derren asks everyone (including us members of the press) not to reveal the details of the show for fear of spoiling it for future audiences so it is going to make this review a teeny bit tricky…

The multi award-winning maestro of psychological illusion returns to The Lowry with his most provocative show yet and it certainly did not disappoint!

With his blend of uplifting, and at points totally unsettling, magical showmanship Derren and his team have created a 2 hour show that can only be described as Simply Astounding!

His brand of showmanship and mind-altering genius has matured over the past few years and you really do need to see him live to appreciate just how awe inspiring that brand is. Derren can more than handle an audience and he is very warm and sincere in what he does, in fact i have come away with an awful lot to think about and that`s what Derren does best… you are not quite sure what is going to happen next throughout the show in true Derren style and when something does happen it will leave you confused and amazed.

Throughout the show there were so many very willing volunteers that they just can not be stooges or plants and Derren references this throughout and is very eager to prove that none of them are throughout the performance

He is on stage all the way throughout and the cleverly designed set and lighting are literally perfect.
Special nods really need to go out to set designer Simon Higlett and lighting designer Tim Mascall at this point because the set and lighting really gave the production a very polished and stylized appearances that fitted in perfectly with the subject matter.

Directed by Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor the show uses video projection throughout  as well that allows us to see exactly what is going on at all time and works extremely well

This is Derren’s seventh live stage show, watched by an estimated audience of over one and a half million people. He has won two prestigious Olivier Awards, for something wicked this way comes (2006) and Svengali (2012) and something tells me that this show will be getting more than a few nominations for quite a few awards.

So in summary, is it worth going to see? YES, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Is the simple answer. I saw things last night that i just can not explain and usually i will sit there and try to work out how things were done (Blogger instincts i suppose..we are never happier than when we are given a puzzle to solve) and i have no clue how any of it was done and i do not think i will ever work out exactly what i saw and i have had my whole belief system challenged!

Simply Astounding! A MUST SEE!


Derren Brown Miracle is currently at The Lowry between Mon 6 –  Sat 11 June & Mon 11 – Wed 13 July
Too book tickets click HERE


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