Don’t wake the damp!!



kill the beast

Manchester based theatre company Kill the Beast will head back to the future in new sci-fi comedy horror Don’t Wake the Damp in The Studio at The Lowry Fri 15 & Sat 16 July.

Evil is rising. Grab a mop.

Inspired by popular 1980’s TV and films such as The Thing, The Fly and The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Don’t Wake the Damp is set in 2035 and promises to be a neon, non-stop romp.

Don’t Wake the Damp is a sci-fi comedy horror, using ground-breaking projection mapping technology, original music and hand-made costumes. It follows the story of an old woman called June living in a tower block in 2035. Her building is about to be bulldozed by the local council, and she (and a few other residents) aren’t going down without a fight. But something is lurking deep in the building’s foundations – do they have what it takes to defeat it?

Kill the Beast are Associate Artists of The Lowry; made up of Macclesfieldborn Clem Garritty, Warrington born and Manchester based Natasha Hodgson who plays June and Manchester based Zoe Roberts who plays Lexxie, David Cummings who plays Brambles and Oliver Jones who plays Devlin, all met at Warwick University.

As an award-winning comedy theatre troupe, Kill the Beast specialise in physical comedy, ground-breaking visuals and fast-paced action. They have been Associate Artists with The Lowry since their first show The Boy Who Kicked Pigs in 2012. Their second show, He Had Hairy Hands won the 2014 Manchester Theatre Award for Best Studio Show, as well as the Peter Brook Festival Award 2014.

Warrington born, Manchester based Natasha Hodgson said, “We wanted to tell an action adventure with a central, older female protagonist, as we feel like these women are often overlooked, especially when it comes to exciting, high-comedy stories. It’s important to us that we don’t present characters that are necessarily expected in these types of tales.”

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