The life of a fundraiser #15 by Tracey Wilkinson


Week commencing 6th June 2016

Thank you to those who regularly read my blog and if this is your first time then I welcome you to behind the scenes of the life of a fundraiser. The idea of my blog is to give people an insight into my voluntary fundraising roles and my community/charity work which I juggle whilst working full-time. Please enjoy reading Blog #15 and feel free to share.

Monday 6th June 2016

Before heading off to work I went to put some finishing touches to two of the giant Kearsley in Bloom frames. The first one I placed a big planter across the bottom of the frame to cover the gap, filling it with soil and then decorative slate. I took my muscle with me (My husband) which is a good job because I also took a little tumble which resulted in me having to wear flat shoes all week for work. The second one was to place rockery stones in front of the gap, each frame we are trying to keep slightly different to encourage people to visit all four frames. However when we arrived to see the stones which were delivered by Easylawn Turf earlier in the week they were huge, but then again Kearsley in Bloom is definitely all about giant creations. Yet again my muscle (My husband) did the majority of the work with some direction from me.

This evening was a first! Doing something for the first time always brings that exciting but nervous feeling. I volunteered for Bolton Live review team whereby I attended the Octagon Theatre in Bolton to watch Singin’ in the Rain. After the performance I then set off writing my first ever review. I aimed to write 600 words and before I knew it I reached that target. The show was amazing and definitely a must to go and watch. Here is my review for those interested…

Tuesday 7th June 2016

Only a few weeks off Kings Church #LoveDoes project where I am organising the fun day aspect of the two community weekends. This fun day is totally different to my usual, because the idea is that we give an afternoon of free fun for all the families in the community. I finalised stalls and produced the event plan so that everyone knows where everything will be situated. The space isn’t the easiest to work with but it is manageable and will all come together on the day. Yet again this is an event where volunteers are the cogs turning the wheel, so I began recruiting extra volunteers to help set up and look after one of the stalls.

Wednesday 8th June 2016

A quick turnaround from investigating collisions to radio presenting #CommunityCorner on Bolton FM with David and Tony. We had a couple of guests in the studio one being a great guy called Martin McLoughlin from a charity called NICE which stands for Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprises. They have a number of different aspects to their charity including Community Toolbox, Community Bus, Community Centre and Recycling basically obtaining people’s unwanted items and facilitating them to go to new homes. If you have never heard of this charity make sure you check out their website.

Thursday 9th June 2016

Kearsley in Bloom is starting to flourish throughout the Kearsley Ward which is the community in which I live. Tonight we had a team meeting to finalise the last part of the project for the festival. We want to encourage residents and businesses in the area to take part by submitting a display or hanging basket to make the area beautiful and raise vital funds to help put on the next Kearsley Scarecrow Festival Come and visit the area see our planter displays, giant frames and giant flowers.

Friday 10th June 2016


During my lunch break I popped into M and A Brown to pick up my order of Kearsley in Bloom stickers which will be placed on all 50 of our planters around the community in due course.

My big summer event which is a Celebrity Football Match & Family Fun Day in aid of Street Soccer Academy is fast approaching luckily the charity have a great support next work and recruiting volunteers isn’t something I need to do. However tonight was spent planning where the volunteers will need to be used to ensure the event runs smoothly. I also started to prepare tombola stalls which will be one the charity stalls that will help raise funds for this great cause.

Saturday 11th June 2016

Today I took the day off to go and support my husband Michael who is the rock behind all my work. He was taking part in his first open water swim at Lake Windermere. He was fantastic and completed the mile swim in 36 minutes.


Sunday 12th June 2016

Today I had a fantastic day supporting Christina Cunningham who is the current Miss North West and Miss England finalist big fundraiser. Kearsley’s Biggest Garden Party in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday was a great success despite the rain. Christina used a number of my regular stall holders and vendors which commented on several occasions how relaxed I was. Yes I was totally relaxed and loved helping out and running a tombola stall which is one of my favourites. We all got wet numerous times but it was nothing a pair of wellies and a raincoat sorted out and that’s coming from the girl who hates getting wet.


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