The life of a fundraiser, blog #16


Week commencing 13th June 2016

My blog is designed to give you a little insight of what I get up to during my week besides my full time employment. I am involved in a lot of fundraising, voluntary and charity work which most people see on the outside, but don’t see what goes on the behind the scenes. Volunteering is definitely the key to keeping the world going round. This week I had some amazing moments that will remain in the memory bank forever. Please enjoy Blog #16 and feel free to share.

Monday 13th June 2016

Monday morning on an early shift is always a killer but the day flew and before I knew it I was in Chorlton delivering leaflets and posters to shops in the area of Hardy Lane, this being the entrance route for the Celebrity Football Match & Family Fun Day in aid of Street Soccer Academy. I had the chance to speak to a few of the shop keepers in more detail about Street Soccer and what a great cause it is. All the shops in that area took leaflets, posters or both from me which is a great positive sign they want to be part of the community. I visited two schools in the area and provided them with leaflets to hand out to the children. I managed to get back home before rush hour which is always a bonus.

I spent the evening compiling the first of two tombolas for the Family Fun Day which will help raise vital funds for Street Soccer. Sticking the raffle ticket on the item is the easy bit – folding nearly 2000 tickets is the time consuming bit, which I usually do whilst catching up on any TV shows I’ve missed.

Tuesday 14th June 2016

I took the evening off today and spent some time with my two God-children William and Scarlett. It was William’s 8th birthday yesterday (time flies). What it would be like to be a child again knowing you have no worries, hurries or plans in life.

Wednesday 15th June 2016

Tonight it was my usual voluntary role at Bolton FM presenting #CommunityCorner with David and Tony. Our first guests of the evening were Sue & Lorna from the Oral Health Improvement Department and Emma from Ravat & Ray. Sue & Lorna have been before and are so much fun to interview. Tonight they brought some of their puppets they use with children. I looked after Christopher Crocodile and brushed his teeth.  Our second guest of the evening was Councillor Carole Swarbrick who came to talk about her Mayoral year. It was lovely to speak to Carole outside of her role as Mayor of Bolton. She’s always supported a number of my events throughout the year. What was interesting is to hear she’d attended nearly 700 events and functions over the course of 12 months whilst in the role.


Thursday 16th June 2016

Although there is still work to be finished on Kearsley in Bloom I know we are fast approaching September’s Kearsley Scarecrow Festival So today I completed the information needed on the registration form which this year will go on the back of the flyer. My eldest brother Stephen is amazing – he designs all my posters/flyers for anything I am involved in and doesn’t grumble about it. I couldn’t do half the voluntary work I do without my family backing me. I emailed him all the information and now I can just wait for him to put something amazing together. Thinking about not having much time before the August deadline for the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival I decided to announce an expression of interest on social media whereby people can email us and once the registration form is completed I can email them one over. This will help save time in the long run.

Friday 17th June 2016

After work I popped over to West Didsbury & Chorlton Football Club because they are holding a big presentation evening tonight and it was a great opportunity for them to give out flyers to the Celebrity Football Match & Family Fun Day. I met up with Monica and we had a natter about the event and handed over some several hundred flyers.

This evening I sorted out prizes for the hoopla game and packed them up in boxes ready to be transported on the day of the event.

Saturday 18th June 2016

Well today was the best day of 2016 by far. I had the honoured to be involved in #LoveDoes an army of Orange invaded the streets of Bolton to show people what love is. I was allocated team leader and this morning I was litter picking Bury Road in Breightmet (and there was a lot of litter) I have amazing team of 10 people, most of who I had never met before. By the end of the day we were all adding each other on facebook and we made an impact on the community. This afternoon I was based at Morrisons in Breightmet running Dad’s Pad (Father’s Day tomorrow). I got to test the muscle on all the guys in the neighbourhood with our strength challenge, as well as giving out free bottles of Coca Cola, Mars bars and Lynx deodorant which Kings Church had collected over the last few weeks with donations. Since my Dad passed away 8 years ago I’ve never said the words “Happy Father’s Day” until today it challenged me, but boy I didn’t half touch people. The first chap I gave a Mars bar to when I uttered those words he welled up. I don’t know his story but today he felt love. What can beat that? I have so many stories that could take up the whole of this blog. If you bump into me over the next few weeks, and in my blog next Monday, I will share some more of what happened when #LoveDoes.


Sunday 12th June 2016

This morning I had the pleasure of being involved in honouring a lady who I look up to and inspires me to do all the things I do within the community of Bolton. Karen Openshaw is an amazing lady and as part of the #LoveDoes project she was honoured for her tireless work within the community over the last 20 years. Karen was utterly shocked by the gesture of Kings Church but they just wanted to let her know she is loved and appreciated for the work she’s done publicly and behind the scenes over the years.


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