The life of a fundraiser #20 by Tracey Wilkinson

Tracey at Laptop

Week commencing 11 th July 2016

WOW this is my 20 th blog it only seems like two minutes since writing my first. Thank you to those who regularly read my blog and those who pop in and out I really appreciate you taking the time to read. For those who are new my blog was started to give people and insight into what I get up behind the scenes of my fundraising, charity and community work. Which I do on a voluntary basis and fit in around my full-time employment and family life. Hope you enjoy reading and please share.

Monday 11 th June 2016

Well this week’s come round fast and that means it fast approaching Saturday which is the Celebrity Football Match and Family Fun day in aid of Street Soccer Academy                              ( ) on Saturday 16 th July at West Didsbury and Chorlton Football Club which I have been organising for months. The week leading up to the event always seems a little chaotic making sure everything is done but this Monday morning I feel more relaxed than I’ve been for the last few weeks. Maybe because there’s not much more that I can do.

Today I bought the last of the sweets I needed for the sweet treats tombola and labelled them all up with raffle tickets. The evening was then spent folding up 100’s of raffle tickets into a bucket ready to use for Saturday’s event. This is a very time consuming job especially when you have put on two tombola’s.

Tuesday 12 th July 2016

I’ve now started to call Tuesday’s “Promoting Tuesday” it seems like the day that I usually spent promoting. So using social media I spent some time posting the event around the area. It’s a great way to also obtain raffle prizes from local business which today I chased up and collected some raffle prizes. As well as folding more raffle tickets for the tombola.

Wednesday 13 th July 2016

After work I concentrated on the event plan and did some changes due to some last minute alterations. I created signs for each of our stalls and directions signs for visitors and printed these out ready to be laminated tomorrow.

At 7pm I was back in the studio which is another voluntary role I have which is radio presenting #CommunityCorner with David and Tony on Bolton FM Tonight was a quiet night for visitors but it was great because we had a visit from Christina Cunningham. Christina and I have only been friends for a short while although if you ask either of us it feels like we have known each other for years. We both have a love for charity fundraising so it automatically connected us together. We both support each other events and Christina new in the world of fundraising often comes to me for tips. Christina came in to talk about the Miss England Final which is taking place next Wednesday in Southport. I am fortunate enough to be able to go and support Christina next week and I wish her all the best for the competition.

Thursday 14 th July 2016

I received the final list of volunteers for Street Socccer Academy which is a great number of people who support the charity and want to be involved on Saturday. Usually I am dragging my family into volunteering and my events so it’s a lovely feeling to be able to say to my family you have an event off. However they still have to come and support but I think they will enjoy attending and enjoying themselves for a change rather than being bossed around by me. I used the list of volunteers and allocate them roles which they will conduct at Saturday’s event. The list was sent back to the charity to check and make any amendments. I spent the evening laminating all the signage for the event and boxing up each stall so that whoever is allocated that stall everything is accessible in one or two boxes which they will be given on the day.

Friday 15 th July 2016

Today I decided to take the day off work to tie up any loose ends and get everything finished ready for tomorrow. This morning I spent producing a risk assessment for the event and forwarded over to the charity for their information. I also created a list of all the raffle prizes which will be displayed for the public to see and we have had some great prize donated.

I headed over to the football club for 12 noon to meet the groundsman who gave me the keys to the club in order for us to gain access tomorrow morning. Then I waited for the fairground to arrive so they could set up the day before the event. However they didn’t arrive until 1.30pm which was rather frustrating because time is precious. Once the fairground had completed what they needed to do I headed from Chorlton to Horwich.

The reason for my visit to Horwich was to collect posters and flyers from Craftprint ( ) who always support my events/community work. These are for the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival ( ) which is the second one I have organised and will take place 24 th and 25 th September. These flyers also have the entry form on the back and will be delivered to every household in Kearsley.

Saturday 16 th July 2016

Surprisingly I had a great night sleep which I’ll tell you never happens the night before an event.

Driving over to Chrolton for 8am in the rain I was thinking is this the day to come but it wasn’t the rain cleared for us setting up and stayed away for the rest of the day.

Set up ran reasonably smooth just a few hiccups that caused me to actual run. For those who know me well running is not in vocabulary that’s my husband’s hobby not mine, but yet I had to run across the field much to my husband’s amusement.

The event ran smoothly and everyone who attended appeared to have had a great afternoon of football, meeting celebrities, food, shopping and fun on the activities provided. I must mention the group of volunteers were amazing they had such a positive attitude to serve and considering it was the first time most of them met me they didn’t mind being told what to do. A volunteer who doesn’t question but just does it is definitely a dream for someone who is trying to lead a team.

Sunday 17 th July 2016

I would like to say that I had the full day off today but that didn’t happen. I had to unpack everything to pack up back in storage ready for the next event on my agenda. I spent the afternoon ringing all the raffle winners and arranging to get their prizes to them. Followed by the evening attending the last session of the Ethos Leadership Course I have been attending for the last 12 months. This course as definitely helped me to grow and learn things about myself.

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