The life of a fundraiser blog message


I want to thank everyone who’s ever read or shared my blog “The Life of a Fundraiser”. I have had so much fun writing the first 20 blogs, which is amazing considering I was told at school I would never make a writer/journalist. There is a lesson in that – to never give up and work hard to achieve your goals.

I promise this isn’t the end, however after endless amounts of time and energy spent giving to others, sometimes you just need to also give to back to yourself. So with this in mind I’m taking a short break from writing my blog and also reducing the work I do voluntary for a few months (this is where my mum will give a sigh of relief).

I still have a few things in the pipeline, including the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival on 24th and 25th September, and Lagan’s Foundation Charity Ball on 1st October, so I’m definitely not going into hiding. I am more than happy for you to stay connected with me on facebook (just sent me a quick message with your friend request).

Thank you to Pete at Bolton Live for allowing me this amazing opportunity. For anyone who’s ever fancied writing a blog, or never thought of it but you do something that might be of interest to others, get in touch with Pete.

I hope my blog gave you a little insight into what I got up to behind the scenes of my events/fundraising/community work and also gave you a little inspiration to give back in some little way. Much Love Tracey xx

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