Bolton West MP Chris Green is urging residents to support his campaign to save Westhoughton from 1,700 houses being built on green fields at Chequerbent.

After being inundated with concerns from local people, the MP has launched an online petition at and is asking residents to sign it.

The proposals were made as part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, being put together by Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Chris commented:

“Our roads, schools, health services and public transport are already creaking under the strain of too many houses as it is – these houses could mean another 6,000 people and an extra 3,500 cars on the road and we just wouldn’t be able to cope.  Enough is enough.

“This spatial framework should be looking to redevelop brownfield sites in Manchester, not going for the easy targets like our green spaces.

“Our Council Leader has said he could veto these plans for 1,700 houses if he didn’t agree with them.  That’s why I’m asking residents to help me show him that we do not want these houses by signing my petition.”

Cllr Zoe Kirk-Robinson, who represents Westhoughton North, added: “I fully support Chris Green in this campaign. Westhoughton has borne more than its fair share of house building for Bolton and to expect us to take on the burden of Manchester as well is simply asking far too much.

“If Cllr Morris has the power to veto this, he must use it. There are other options available, building on the Green Belt should be a last resort, not a first option.”

To sign the petition, visit: