Council confirms Planning Peer Review


Bolton Council has confirmed that an independent Planning Peer Review of the council’s planning committee will be taking place between 11 and 13 October.


The independent peer review will be carried out by the Planning Advisory Service, which is part of the Local Government Association. The Planning Advisory Service offers independent help, support, advice and training to local councils and also conducts peer reviews to advise councils on areas of learning and improvement.


The review team will be made up of officers and councillors from other councils which are members of the LGA.


The team will review the planning committee through viewing planning committee meetings and undertaking interviews and focus groups across members of the committee, officers and users of the committee.


They will look at all processes and procedures of the planning committee including planning referrals, reports, decision-making and how the committee is viewed by external users.


They will then produce a written report, which highlights areas of good practice, but also recommendations for areas of improvement.


Members of the public who wish to contribute to the independent review can do so via their local councillor; by contacting the council directly; or by emailing the Planning Advisory Service directly on before the 3 October.

Source:Bolton Council

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