Review: Keep Dancing at The Palace Theatre, Manchester


Last night Karlie and I headed to the Palace Theatre in Manchester to watch ‘Keep Dancing’ – The Ballroom Dance Sensation. As huge fans of Strictly Come Dancing we had high expectations and were very excited.

We took our seats in the packed auditorium and waited!

The opening of the show did not disappoint. There was an explosion of loud music from the live singers and band performing ‘You Should Be Dancing’. And the dancers burst onto the stage in the most amazing glimmering costumes and with a huge glitter ball positioned centre stage.


The pace kept going throughout Act One as we were treated to one fast dance after another. Each one packed with numerous lifts, drops, kicks and flicks. The music and costumes varied from modern day, to cabaret and 50’s rock n roll. During this Act we were also treated to an amazing solo of ‘Stormy Weather’ and a fantastic percussion track. However it would have been lovely to see a more traditional Waltz or Foxtrot without the tricks and in dance hold to let the audience appreciate a true Ballroom Dance Sensation.



After a short break, the show continued with Act Two, which was pure fun. Robin Windsor was a cheeky character in this Act and played well to the audience. The all male Paso Doble style section was a huge hit – especially with the ladies who were watching. And everyone was mesmerized at an incredibly fast hand jive performance which was astounding to watch. The Disco fuelled finale at the end of this Act literally had everyone on their feet dancing and clapping along as the stage filled with confetti and fireworks.


Final Verdict: ☆☆☆☆☆

All in all this was a fast paced and fun night out. The brilliant dancers, singers and musicians, combined with the brightly coloured costumes, lighting and stage set-up will wow anyone looking for a family friendly night out. Well worth a watch and definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys watching dancing of all styles.

Keep Dancing!

Keep Dancing is on at The Palace Theatre, Manchester until Saturday 8th October 2016

For more information and to book tickets click HERE

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