#NPD2016 Me and you, Doctor Who by Carole Ogden

Me and you, Doctor Who by Carole Ogden

It first started years ago – you on TV, Me, hiding at teatime, behind the settee,

Just like Peeping Tom, to your Lady Godiva, Excited by you and your sonic screwdriver.

Throughout the years you’ve defended humanity With dash, and aplomb, and a soupcon of vanity.

Sartorially challenged, you broke all the rules, Made celery, long scarves and bow ties look cool.

Your foes have been legion, your victories hard won, The Master, your nemesis, still battles on.

Daleks surround you, shout ‘Ex-ter-min-ate’ Those tin cans are so hard to eliminate.

But you have their measure and, with flair and guile, I know you’ll outwit them and flash me a smile.

I long for your touch, some small intimacy But you’re always light years, or further, from me.

Twelve different bodies brought many temptations – I’ve loved you through all of your regenerations.

My heart, like the TARDIS, is yours for all time And larger inside, as I hope you will find.

So hear my plea, Doctor, I’m counting on you. We have so much time, and the Universe too.

Don’t leave this Whovian all on her own, Or I’ll weep, like the angels, and turn sadly to stone.

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