Publican. Politician. Other thing beginning with P. Philosopher, yeah, that. The nation’s critically acclaimed bar-based-braveheart, Al Murray – The Pub Landlord has embarked on a common sense crusade to re-Great Britain in his brand new show and our Bloggers had the chance to be at The Lowry last night to witness it.

We live in very troubling times.Europe,The NHS, The middle East, The gathering storm of fortnightly bin collections and there is one man who has a definitive plan to sort it all out.

The house was packed at The Lowry yesterday for both of his shows and after watching one of them i can see why.

Al kicked off his career in the mid 90`s , had his own TV show, has had countless appearences on other TV shows, Famously took on Nigel Farage for the South Thanet seat (he got 318 votes) and has had some of the best attended comedy gigs on the circuit

Al is a supremely polished performer who`s ability to keep up the Pub Landlord persona is a joy to watch live. He knows what his audience wants and he gives it to them (with the optional pint of course)

Al`s brand of humour is not to everyone`s taste but the crowd last night loved it. The show was punctuated with some big belly laughs and his audience interaction was spot on and perfectly timed. In fact i will go as far as saying that Al toyed with his audience as if they were a puppet on the string.

Al was his usual comic genius as he took apart members of the public from everything from their jobs to their names and offered some rather colourful off the cuff pieces on their lives.

This show is not for the easily offended but if you are not it`s 100% one to see if you get a chance.

Final Verdict: ☆☆☆☆☆ Brilliant!

For more information on the tour click HERE