David Crausby MP has expressed his support for local firefighters as the Government continues to move ahead with cuts to fire services.


Across the country the budget for fire services has been cut by over 30% since 2010, resulting in the loss of over 7,000 frontline firefighters.


Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has already cut £28million from their annual budget in the last six years and are being forced to cut a further £14.8million by 2019. This is likely to lead to fire fighter roles being reduced by more than 250 from the current 1,017.


Mr Crausby, who represents Bolton North East, has backed an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling on the Government to rethink their drive for ever greater spending cuts and to invest in this vital public service.


David Crausby said:

“Every second counts in an emergency and these continued drives to cut costs and reduce the number of fire fighters could put lives at risk. There is no strategy behind these changes, no plan to protect the service, the Government cuts the money and expects local fire authorities to find a way to make it work. I urge the Government to rethink and ensure our fire service is properly invested in for the future.”

EDM 240 – Fire and Rescue Service Funding