Bolton West MP Chris Green has presented a petition signed by over 2,000 people to Bolton Town Hall.

The petition calls on Council Leader Cliff Morris to use his power to veto proposals for thousands of houses to be built close to congested Chequerbent roundabout under plans announced in the controversial Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

The document, produced by Greater Manchester Combined Authority, outlines proposals for 17,000 houses to be built across the Bolton borough with many in or around the Bolton West constituency along the M61 corridor.  Bolton’s Council Leader, Cliff Morris, has previously said that he would use his power to veto the Spatial Framework if he did not agree with it.

Chris commented: “The people of Westhoughton and surrounding areas are absolutely clear that we cannot cope with thousands more houses being shoe-horned into this already very congested area.

“Thousands more houses means thousands more people, all needing school places, doctors’ appointments and space on our already creaking public transport system.  These proposals are completely inappropriate and our Council Leader should use his power to stop them.”

Councillor Martyn Cox, ward councillor for Westhoughton North, added: “Westhoughton has already allowed more than its fair share of housebuilding to take place here

“Plans for so many more houses will have a serious impact on people’s lives—they should not go ahead.”