Bolton Council has taken two residents to court as part of its continued crack down on dog fouling.

Silvia Kolompar and Nicolics Attila were both given fixed penalty notices of £80 for failing to clear up after their dog, but both failed to pay the fines in time.

The council then took the cases to court and the residents were each fined £220, plus victim surcharge and costs of £100 each, coming to an overall total of £680

Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Councillor Nick Peek said:

“We are determined to crack down on dog fouling, which causes all sort of problems for local residents, from stopping children playing in the street or park, to causing toxocariosis, which can lead to blindness.

We will hand out fines to residents who allow their dogs to foul and if they do not pay, they may be liable to much bigger fines in court.

We hope that these fines act as a deterrent to those thinking of allowing their dog to foul in future.”