On Sunday 30th October a burglary took place in a warden controlled bungalow in Horwich. The couple were aged 96 and 88 respectively and were home between 6pm and 9pm when an intruder forced the rear window. The items stolen were jewellery, a purse and wallet. The jewellery is as described below.

1) Gold engagement ring with 3 diamonds set in a line on the band
2) Gold band with a dark blue almost black stone square in shape set in diamonds.
3) Gold band with a single pearl set in a gold s shaped clamp
4) Gold band with a white stone
5) Gold engagement ring
6) Pearl Gold earrings hinged clasp type
7) Blue stone gold earrings hinged clasp type.

The victim is a proud ex-servicemen and has carried his army papers since his army career. He was in the Royal Engineers and served in Italy, Sicily, Yugoslavia and Egypt. These were stolen from his wallet but are of no value to anyone else, but a cherished possession to the victim.

Any information about this crime, please contact Sgt. Kevin Lister at Astley Bridge Police Station on 0161 856 5629 or Crimestoppers.

Source- GMP Bolton North Facebook