Frank`s Blog: Scribble Festival

The 2 day Scribble Festival claimed it would be “A celebration of community writing and story telling” and it certainly seemed to live up to this promise.

Scribble is part of the Tell Us Another One project run by Cartwheel Arts. Based in Rochdale, covering Rochdale, Bury and Oldham.

Sadly I was unable to attend on the first day. It seems I missed a day of workshops in Creative Writing which included Q&A sessions and live performances with acclaimed writer David Gaffney, (the Guardian said: ‘One hundred and fifty words by Gaffney are more worthwhile than novels by a good many others.’) He was joined by award-winning writer Sarah-Clare Conlon (who has had short stories published by Salt, Comma, and many more. She is currently Literature Editor of Creative Tourist). A Flash Fiction Workshop. And trying your hand at poetry with performance poet, radio presenter and DJ, Chris Jam, and hone your song-writing skills with singer songwriter Claire Mooney. Other activities included zine making and publishing your work on the MacGuffin Platform.

Not considering myself to be a creative writer (this blog proving my point) the second day looked like it was more up my street.

Described as a morning of great conversation and a chance for writers and different stakeholders to network, connect and collaborate.  It involved 2 panels, one concerning tips on traditional publishing and self publishing.
How to  get your work out there? Through self publishing platforms vs digital media vs traditional publishing methods, and where do the three overlap?


The second was about how challenging it is for most of the population to have their voices heard. Now more than ever it’s crucial that marginalized individuals and communities come together and listen, share stories, experiences and ideas and establish potential bonds between communities when much of the narrative is about separation and difference.
The event concluded with the usual networking with plenty of interesting attendees.

The Scribble Project itself involves a quarterly magazine sharing “anything that can be written, spoken or performed” and should certainly be checked out by any budding writers out there. Just follow the link to the  Tell Us Another One site. There are also some other  great projects listed on the Cartwheel Arts web site, all worthy of investigation as a community art project funded by the Big Lottery Fund. It all certainly gave me a few ideas for future projects.

imageAnd I don’t think I can finish this article without mentioning the hosts for the event, the  Chapter One Bookshop in Manchester’s northern quarter. A fantastic independent bookshop and coffee shop that I am certain to be visiting again (I’ve been there 3 times since hearing of this event!)

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